The Future of Aromatherapy

The Future of Aromatherapy

Ever since first experiencing the exhilarating scents of various essential oils, I became immediately interested. Once thoroughly introduced, I began to become more and more inspired by the seemingly endless possibilities there were with the use of these essential oils. From home remedies, to beauty products and more – and they just smell amazing! Plus they are completely natural, what could be better? Well after years of personal use and sharing essential oils with family and friends, I actually discovered a way to create essential oil products and offer them to people worldwide by selling them in a wonderful online community called Etsy – a place where I had not yet realized that hundreds of people are already making and sharing wonderful, healing essential oils products as well. As if I was not already inspired! Seeing fellow entrepreneurs involved in the herbal and essential oil community, and actively promoting essential oils and their uses gives me a lot of hope and inspiration for the future. Being involved in the Heart of Herbs schooling program has been yet another awesome possibility that has become available to me and is now enabling me to further my passion, love and most importantly my education on these life changing substances called essential oils, and I am looking forward to what other doors open for furthering my career and small business through the education and use of these oils, and with this program.

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  The endless resources and information provided by the internet alone have enabled me to not only access pure essential oils, but also educate myself on safety and proper uses. Social media has played an enormous roll in my growing interest in essential oils and herbalism. Once introduced to the growing communities on various social media platforms, I became inspired to learn even more and also start creating my own natural products. Seeing so many other people interested in, and using essential oils already, opened my eyes to the future of essential oils and aromatherapy. As history is known to repeat itself, I can see the use of essential oils becoming even more popular in the coming years, as it was many, many years ago; and the demand for them increasing as well. If more people become interested in holistic, chemical free products and want to become educated on them, then that will create a brighter and healthier future and planet for everyone to live and thrive on and that is inspiring!


As I keep learning about different essential oils and all their many great uses, I am realizing how many healthy and life changing benefits there truly are. Some of my favorite essential oils are ones that have many beneficial uses to them, such as lavender, eucalyptus and lemon. Lavender has antiseptic, calming, and healing benefits, as well as being known for its amazing healing effects on skin. Eucalyptus is another great and favorite oil of mine, with its decongestant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and other health benefits. My other top favorite essential oil to use is lemon oil. It is well known for its cleansing properties, as well as being a popular essential oil to blend with others. With its purifying qualities, it is also known for being able to clear up the skin from blemishes, as well as being healthy for the scalp and hair. Besides the top three essential oils I mentioned, there are many that contain these and other versatile healing properties and can be used in a variety of ways in our everyday lives.

    In today’s busy times, whenever we can easily swap out something that is made with chemicals for something more wholesome and chemical free, we do! Essential oils open up the doors to natural remedies, and holistic healing right at your fingertips. There are so many safer and just as effective alternatives when using and working with essential oils to make up for products we use in our everyday lives. Using essential oil products can also save you money, because essential oils are so potent – a little can go a long way and be very effective at the same time. Switching from chemical products to essential oil products is also like investing in your current and long-term health. Being able to share home remedies using mainly essential oils with both family and friends has been so rewarding to me, not because we see results but because I know my loved ones are choosing to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Natural remedies, and home cures with the use of oils has become a part of my everyday self-care routine as well. I incorporate essential oils in various ways throughout my entire day, every day. From aromatherapy to skin and beauty regimens, essential oils play a big role in my overall wellbeing and happiness.

    Working with essential oils and their many possibilities is like being a scientist always on the brink of a new discovery. There are seemingly endless ways to blend and infuse essential oils into unique and effective recipes. Coming up with my own homemade recipes using essential oils has become my favorite part of working with and using them. Many of my favorite recipes include skincare products, which I plan to grow on in the future. One recipe includes a simple, yet effective list of oils for use of an all-natural and DEET free bug repellent. A blend of lemon eucalyptus, lemongrass, clove and patchouli drives insects away without harming them or the individual. It is safe to apply to clothing or skin, and useful for those with sensitive skin.

   The future of aromatherapy seems to be very promising and bright. From the popularity of use on social media, to having essential oils and products made of essential oils available right at our local stores – it is evident that people want more! The demand of these oils as well as the yearning of knowledge of these essential oils seems to be grabbing more people’s attention. Hopefully with the increasing interest in essential oils, aromatherapy will become more common and available to all types of people, as well as the education of it. Aromatherapy certainly has the capability and power to transform people’s lives and therefore our future.

By Alena Ann

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