The Long Journey

The Long Journey

by Mary Ferraro

All articles written by students are the opinions, research and voice of the student and not Heart of Herbs Herbal School. We encourage our students to explore and grow in their profession.


The journey has been long.  It all started in 1992, shortly after I moved to San Diego from the City of Puebla in Mexico.  I had come to the US pursuing finishing my Bachelor’s degree.  And, then it started…

About six months after my arrival, I started suffering from massive headaches until if finally became one headache which lasted 24/7 for over a year.  Doctors could not determine the reason for these headaches and would only prescribe pain killers.  However, I could still feel the headache even under Valium and other powerful drugs.  I only felt drugged and spacey from these opioids but the headache did not relent.  One day, while in Mexico, I went to a doctor in homoepathy that a friend recommended.  I did this as a last resort measure and am very happy I did.  He was able to control and get rid of the headache for months at a time, while I stayed on the homeopathic medication he would send to me.

I was able to start my Master’s degree in international Business Administration in Arizona while keeping the headache at bay.  Then, one day the FDA decided to intervene and they confiscated my shipment.  I discovered that chiropractic and acupuncture could help me manage my headache when it hit me (usually close to exams).  I graduated and moved back to San Diego and life went on with occasional massive headaches which I would control with acupuncture.

The Long Journey

One day, out of curiosity, I went to listen to a free lecture on herbology at a holistic and massage school, without knowing I would meet the person who started me on this path.  She was an experienced herbologist who also practiced spiritual medicine.  She introduced me to a whole different world of healing and to the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufisim (Then called the Jaffe Institute).  One which I really liked and I started to seriously think about learning more about.  I attended a few herbology lectures, but was not able to find a curriculum that really called my name.  Eventually, I stopped thinking about taking classes and concentrated on my job.  However the power I experienced from the sessions I had with her lived on in me.

It was until a few year ago that I decided to learn more about alternative medicine, since alternative medicine was what cure me from those horrible headaches of the past.  I started looking for schools  This time I found more schools, however there was something missing in the curriculum.  Then, I found the Heart of Herbs, but it still took me about a year to make the decision to plunge into my dream because I had just been laid off and I did not have the funds to embark on this adventure.  I also decided to contact the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism at around the same time.  I was lucky to receive financial aid from both schools and have finished my first year at the USHS.

Needless to say, this year had been one of great growth for me as I learn Prophetic Medicine and get to know more about herbology and the many uses of some basic remedies, such as honey, black seed, fenugreek and others and as I strengthen my connection with The One as I attend classes at USHS.  I am also learning a lot from The Heart of Herbs certification program in Aromatherapy.  I am confident that this adventure will take me to places I did not dream in terms of knowledge.  I am more that ready to continue discovering new things!


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Articles written by students are the opinions, research and voice of the student and not Heart of Herbs Herbal School. We encourage our students to explore and grow in their profession.
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