The Medicinal Benefits of Essential Oils in the Delivery Room

The Medicinal Benefits of Essential Oils in the Delivery Room

Four Days ago I delivered my fifth baby into the world.  As with most deliveries, this was a highly anticipated birth.  The effects this pregnancy were having on my body in the last trimester were nearly unbearable and it seemed at times as if the “end” would never arrive.  I had delivered four babies vaginally previously and planned to do the same with this one.

Knowing my body as I do, I had scheduled an induction.  My body doesn’t dilate on its’ own.  It never had in the previous 4 deliveries and I was prepared for this one to be very similar.  After being hooked up to the IV, various other medications, I could feel my anxiety level rising.  I felt fear creeping in.  Fear that the medication wouldn’t work, fear that the labor would be excruciating, fear that something would go wrong, etc.  All off the worst case scenarios ran through my head.   I was offered synthetic medication to calm me but I declined.  I wanted a “clear” head for this delivery, even though it still seemed so very far away.

I had my husband pull out my essential oil diffuser and plug it in next to my bed.  I diffused Wild Orange.  Then I had made a blend of lavender, wild orange and fractionated coconut oil for my husband to use as a massage oil and he rubbed it on my feet and legs.  Within minutes my state and mood had completely changed.  I went from feeling very anxious and overwhelmed by the possible doom and gloom to feeling at peace, in control (as much as I could be) and very aware and alert of what was happening in my body.

In previous labor and deliveries, before I had learned about essential oils, I would have accepted the synthetic medication through my IV and there are moments when I reflect on the delivery of those babies that I can’t remember what happened.  That medication clouded my memory.  With the birth of my son a few days ago, I remember being in control, feeling strong, feeling capable and empowered because of the way that the essential oils allowed me to be in control of my own body.  I will forever cherish those memories of delivering him and seeing him for the first time so clearly and unclouded.

The Medicinal Benefits of Essential Oils in the Delivery Room

There is a place for synthetic medication in the Western World and being someone who has participated in that in four labor and deliveries I appreciate its effectiveness when it worked.  However, after using Essential Oils as a first line of defense and first option, I’m grateful for the experience I had and will look to essential oils in the future as a more predominant option.  I look forward to the opportunity to educate others about essential oils and how they can play a part in their homes and lives.  My goal is to put a healer in every home.

Student Article by Tiffany Lovell

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