Things that Happened Since I Went Vegan, 90 Days Ago

Things that Happened Since I Went Vegan, 90 Days Ago.

I’ve been a vegetarian on and off for 15 years… I went on and off as it was convenient. I would go a few years vegetarian and then eat meat for a few months, then go back… then go vegan, then back to vegetarian, then eat a hot dog on a camping trip… About 1 year ago I went vegetarian again at the start of my yoga teacher training and I was pretty good with it… except for those hot dogs on camping trips. Why hot dogs?! Of all fricking things… I could’ve cheated on a nice big juicy piece of salmon or a steak and I pick a hot dog… Anyway, One of the yamas (rules, kind of) in yoga is Ahimsa (non harming) which is why many yoga practitioners eat a vegetarian or a vegan diet. Non-harm in the first yama, the most important… I suppose I could write a whole post on Ahimsa and a whole book on the yamas, but that’s now what this is about! Google it and/or read yoga sutras.

So, January 1st I went vegan and I have been incredibly happy with my decision… with no slip ups either! I have noticed so many changes in my body that I can’t even begin to describe it… While studying herbalism, aromatherapy and nutrition I have heard over and over again, eat more fruits and vegetables, eliminate dairy, go vegetarian, go vegan. Changing your diet can have a number of physical benefits especially for those, like me, with auto immune disorders and inflammatory illnesses like arthritis and fibromyalgia! On top of the mental, environmental and moral benefits I’ve also experienced some resounding health benefits as well.

  1. I lost 1 pound. Yes, 1 pound. I’m 117 on a good day. I’m down to 115-116 now and although to anyone else that might seem miniscule or not even noteworthy but I know where I lost that weight ant it wasn’t in my butt, it was out my butt… I’m pretty sure that pound of stuff was garbage in my intestines… which brings us to number 2. (haha)
  2. See what I did there? Number 2? My poop. It is fabulous. I am regular and my tummy is happy, no added fiber pills!
  3. I stopped craving crap… not poop, I’m not going to talk about poop anymore. Junk, I stopped craving junk… I don’t want sugary sodas, I don’t want cookies and ice cream. If I want something sweet, a piece of fruit or even a small glass of chocolate almond milk will do the trick.
  4. Energy… You know after you eat a big meal and you’re like “ugh I need a nap, I want to die, someone carry me to bed” things like that? I no longer feel that food coma slump. After all food is supposed to give us energy, no?
  5. I don’t miss cheese. I think the main culprit of this feeling described in number 4 was the cheese, oh lord the cheese. I used to put cheese on everything. Salad goes good with cheese. Potatoes, great with cheese. Sandwich, extra cheese. A wrap? Double cheese. Fried cheese. Cheese and crackers. Macaroni and cheese. Lasagna with 6 different kinds of cheese. Extra cheese pizza. Wine and cheese of course. You would think that I would be drooling thinking about cheese right now, but I’m not strangely. I broke up with cheese and I moved on. It was such a comfort food to me… and honestly my feelings about cheese and food have changed.
  6. My skin is finally starting to clear up! After years and years of suffering with acne I finally am seeing some improvement in my skin! Coupled with all natural beauty products I make myself and a vegan diet my skin is finally starting to glow.
  7. I’ve been getting very creative with my cooking! Many people tend to think that all vegans eat is salad… well they’re wrong! I maybe eat one salad a week. I stock my fridge with fresh fruit and veggies and when something is ripe I figure out what to cook with it! It’s been really fun and my fiancé and I have been having a blast with it. (He is not vegan but he gives it a good effort.) It also much easier for me to eat at home, so we’ve been saving a ton of money not going out! When we do go out it’s the “I’m a vegan, can I have that without this and this and this with this instead” met by looks of “why the hell did you come here? Why can’t you just be normal?” which brings me to my last point…
  8. I’ve learned to ignore the “vegan haters” when I first spoke of my veganism I was met with “but what about bacon?!” and “so, you don’t eat cheese?” “semen?” Seriously. I had a “friend” sending me pictures of bacon every day to try to entice me back to the carnivore side. I also sometimes just tell people I’m lactose intolerant it seems to go over a little better and comes with a lot less “so, you don’t eat cheese?!?!”

Being a vegan is a choice, it’s a choice for the environment, the animals and yourself. I have noticed a change in my overall health to boot. I’m happy with my decision and plan to stick by it! Vegan for life!

Tara (aka Tara Dactyl) is not a writer, she’s just your average chemist / yoga teacher / healer living in Pittsburgh PA. Lover of smoothies, mutts, antiques and all things turquoise Tara hails from the small town of Hamburg, PA, has her B.S. in Environmental Science, 200hr classical vinyasa yoga certification and is a certified Reiki practitioner as well as a certified aromatherapist. Tara manages her slew of chronic illnesses with a vegan diet, aromatherapy, herbalism, reiki and yoga of course. You can find her teaching at, on Instagram @yogaistarafic, on facebook at Thetaradactylsnest and on etsy


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