Tips for Success

Tips for Success

The best tools of any herbalist or aromatherapist. These tips for success can help you with your practice.

1. Listening. Be still and just listen. Listen to your client. Don’t be so quick to tell them what is going on. Listen. Listen to the story of the issue. Listen to what has been tried before. Listen to what the client is looking for.

2. Not knowing. It is okay to not know. It is always dangerous to “know it all”, or think you do. It is okay to not have the answer. It is important to always want to know, and to take the time to know.

3. Education. It is essentially to always seek out new opportunities to educate yourself. Learn from every situation and encounter. Take the time to listen to other perspectives, ideas and seek out education.

Tips for Success


4. Growing. Be open to growth. Be open to new experiences. Often, we mistake growth with agreeing with everything we hear, learn or see. Sometimes growth is finding the beauty and specialness in pain or painful experiences.

5. Being able to say no. This is an essential skill. We talk about boundaries and growth, but if you can’t say no you are going to suffer as will your practice.

6. Being able to hear no. I have trained over 25,000 students worldwide and have only had a handful of issues in over 20 years. Every single one of them was linked to saying “No” to a student. Sometimes the answer is “No” and as a professional you do need to be able to say it, but you also need to be able to hear it. This is one of the most important tips I am sharing.

7. Get over yourself. Sometimes people expect every interaction to fulfill all of their desired needs. Stop. Great herbalists understand that it isn’t about them, their protocol, their product or service, it is about making life better for their client.

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