Trusting Your Intuition- Student Article

Student Article
By Cammy Polson

Trusting Your Intuition As a new mama, I’m holding a sick baby girl in my arms… Fever, listless, unable to communicate. Scared. Fear overwhelms me. I call the pediatrician. I call my mother. I call on my God. “Please, help me.” Wanting to bring down the fever as quickly as possible, but not wanting to do what is being suggested to me. I knew there had to be something different, something better, more natural. Scared. In shock. Wanting to help my baby. At a loss for words to guide myself, my inner voice is gone. Silent. The knowledge is there, I just can’t access it.

Then I pause… Inhale – slowly, deeply. Exhale- Let. God. Surrender. I give her what was suggested to feel ‘safe’, to give her the relief she needs until I can do more research. Now don’t get me wrong. As an acupuncturist for the last twelve years, if one of my clients would have contacted me with this same experience, I would have been able to navigate them seamlessly. Naturally. With Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition, herbs, and/or essential oils. But when it’s YOUR child, sometimes fear will overcome intuition & knowledge.

This beautiful child, three months new, reminding me to TRUST MY INTUITION. A mother will often know something is not ‘right’ with her child before most health care providers will because of this God given gift. I learn. I teach. She learns. She teaches. She reminds me of what I already know.

Fevers are OK. (Unless they are >100°F for Newborns, >103°F for toddlers, >104°F for children, or the fever is constant for more than three days.). A child’s behavior, temperament, and demeanor should be considered before trying to lower a fever. And here is why: Fevers are the body’s natural way of defending itself. Fever is an indication the body has activated the immune system to fight the invading pathogen on its own. We often interfere with the body’s ability to heal itself. Fevers are terrifying to the caretakers of a child. But, fevers can be seen as good too.

It is advised to be smart about treatment, to know when to use nature and when to use science, to TRUST YOUR INTUITION and to educate yourself on natural remedies to bring down a child’s fever gently, and/or ‘soften’ the symptoms. If you are interested on how I would ‘treat’ a fever naturally, please read my Fever BLOG.

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