What students say..

I just thought I would share some comments from two recent graduates.

Heart of Herbs Certification Course

What a pleasure it has been to enjoy an in-depth study of herbs and their healing powers. I have already enjoyed using herbs for a number of years. These plants have helped me to find relief from digestive complaints, headaches, sleep difficulties and more. In addition, I have been able to help my family and friends to embrace the true nature of herbal healing. This course however has helped me to more deeply comprehend for myself the true meaning of what it is to be a herbalist, to grasp what it means to approach healing from the holistic point of view.  I have enjoyed learning about herbal preparations and have enjoyed making herbal decoctions, tinctures and infusions that I now more fully incorporate into our daily diet. Some of my favorite selections that I have made include: tea blends for sleep disorders, herbal tinctures such as Echinacea and digestive tinctures. I have also benefited form learning how to incorporate herbs into my recipes and have added herbs like nettles, dandelion, astragalus, and alfalfa to some of my soups and beverages.

Before beginning this course, I was limited in my herbal selection and I found that with so much variety it was a daunting task to sort out all the possible treatments and herbal combinations. The Heart of Herbs Course has helped to clarify and refine my knowledge so that now I am able to quickly identify herbs and their actions and apply them appropriately to specific ailments and concerns.  My friends and family have also been impressed by the knowledge and understanding that I have gained through this course and I hope that some will find the circumstances to expand their knowledge and understanding by enrolling in this program.

I whole- heartedly feel after taking this course that my well-rounded knowledge will be an asset to my community. In conjunction with my related training in other herbal studies, Bach Flower Remedies and Massage Techniques, I will be well-equipped to help a variety of individuals.

R. Mason


This course broadened my knowledge of the many diseases that are out there. It also gave me exposure to herbs I had not heard of before. It left me with deep sense of appreciation for nature and its healing powers. When I began to understand the healing nature provides, it gave me ten times more reason to do my best to conserve the earth around me. I also appreciate that this course mixed several philosophical ideas with knowledge. To me, knowledge without philosophy is brutal. Thanks for making this course available!

A. Rus-Neacsu