Why See a Herbalist?

Why See a Herbalist?

1. Be Listened To: Many people in my over 20 years of practice have said, “I knew something was off, but no one would listen to me.” Being listened to is so important when it comes to your health. Many issues can be worked with early on as a preventative measure to make health better for the future, and sometimes we need to talk it all out with someone.


2. You have a Diagnosis: You have a diagnosis and you want other options to work with your care plan already in effect. Often times working with someone else who is able to take the time, listen and offer simple and effective tools can be a great help. Most herbalists can offer safe adjuncts to work with your care plan.

3. Someone has had great results and mentioned you should try one: Listening to others success can make us want to seek out similar results. Make sure that you don’t expect the same advice for you as your friend had, everyone is different and different herbalists make different care plans.

4. You are into Natural: If you are into natural living, eating and being herbalism can be an excellent choice to sustaining and supporting optimal health. Some people opt to treat illness first with natural means and then work their way up the medicinal pole so to speak when they need more options. Natural medicines can be an excellent place to start. I always look at illness from the perspective of food, food herbs, medicinal herbal use, then standard medical intervention if we are ill. Generally the illness can be halted at food or food herb choices in my house.

5. You need to learn your options for life and wellness: You want to learn how to take care of yourself better in a more natural way, a simpler way to prevent and address health issues and potential issues. You are paying a professional to assist and guide you, someone who is educated, aware and will work to assist you with your specific health needs. Sometimes treatments are sought for acute issues, but most people look to herbalism and alternative medicine for chronic conditions.


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