Heart of Herbs Flower Essence Certification

Heart of Herbs Flower Essence Certification

Heart of Herbs Flower Essence Certification
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Students will embark upon a complete flower essence certification program. The program instructs students on how to appropriately use and appreciate the healing powers of flower essences.

You will learn how to use flower essences for healing and emotional well-being.

Flower essences are the Life-Force of the flower extracted and then conserved in a liquid essence. These remedies work on a vibrational level in a holistically organized system for the healing of humans and animals.

Flower essences affect individuals by working on the subtle aspects and they promote transformation. They work on an emotional and mental level. This therapy encourages life-enhancing  and in conclusion restores wholeness.

When you take this course you will learn how to meet the needs of emotional upheaval and trauma and at the same time bringing joy and emotional balance.

Students will learn the following aspects of working with flower essences.

  • History of Flower Essences
  • Flower Essences in healing
  • Different approaches to Flower Essences
  • How to make Flower Essences
  • How to use Flower Essences
  • Making, storing, using and understanding essences
  • Health Issues and Solutions
  • Business Practices and planning
  • Client Care and skills
  • Client Communication and much more…

The course is an in depth study of the seven categories of emotions – fear, uncertainty, lack of sufficient interest in the present, loneliness, over-sensitivity, despondency/despair and over-concern for the welfare of others. The program covers a few types of essences. The Flower essence education program offers the education to assist with emotional support to deal with crisis, change, growth, fear and obsessive behaviors, as well as all of the emotionally charged experiences in their lives.

Students are required to purchase the following books for certification requirements.

Each of these books need to be read by students.

  • The Bach Remedies Workbook: A Study Course in the Bach Flower Remedies by Stefan Ball
  • The Bach Flower Remedies: by Edward Bach

Students also need to read a book on an energy healing modality, such as therapeutic touch, reiki, chakra healing, etc.. and a book on anatomy.

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