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Herbal Education and Herbal Certificate Programs

Introduction to Herbalism

Learn to confidently create safe and effective herbal remedies at home with this educational program. Create herbal concoctions for your whole family.Discover which plants to use for teas, tinctures, salves, and more. Moreover, this herbal certification is the perfect place to start your herbal journey.

introduction to herbalist herbalism aromatherapy

Herbs for Children

This herbal certification program focuses on teaching you how to naturally support the little ones in your life from infancy through adulthood. Whether you are a parent, caretaker, or clinician, this program is perfect for you if you have children. You will receive an herb certification upon completion of the program.

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Certified Herbalist

With this herbal education, you can earn credentials to open the herbal business of your dreams, whether that means owning an herb shop, hosting community workshops, or anything else your herb-loving heart desires! Enroll in the best herbal certification program. Become a Certified Herbalist today! 

certified herbalist herbalist certification

Clinical Herbalist Certification

Our advanced clinical herbalist course will prepare you to support clients directly in a clinical setting and run a thriving business or practice. In addition, this program exceeds the study hours needed to become an American Herbalists Guild Registered Herbalist (RH)! 

Clinical Herbalist Certified Herbalist

GreenSpirit Herbal WiseCraft

Explore the connection between herbalism and spirituality to form a lasting relationship with plants. Includes the Clinical Herbalist program + additional lessons on plant spirit medicine. Moreover, this herbal course takes the connection with nature even further.

greenspirit herbalist certification

Phytotherapy Diploma

Combine five of our certification programs to masterfully blend herbalism, aromatherapy, and flower essences into a complete framework for clinical applications. Above all, this program allows you to explore herbal modalities at an advanced level.

herbalist certification certified herbalist phytotherapy

Herbal and Aromatherapy Skincare for Business

Botanical Skincare –Learn everything you need to run a successful botanical skincare company! Great for skin care professionals, salon and spa owners, and individuals who want to sell skin, hair, and body care products.  Learn to formulate skin, hair, and body care products. In addition, you will learn to make products for your customers.

Herbal SkinCare

Herbal Business Course- Botanical Business Mentorship

Do you dream of being an herbal entrepreneur? Want to have a clinical practice, manufacture an herbal product line, run an apothecary, or have an herb store? Freeze up when business decisions need to be made? Are you worried about “doing it right”? Worry no more; this is the course for you.

Herbal School Student Certified Herbalist, Clinical Herbalist

Ayurveda Certificate Program

With roots in ancient India, Ayurveda is one of the world’s first healing modalities. Gain a deeper understanding of Ayurveda’s time-tested philosophy, including the use of doshas, chakras, and the five senses to understand herbs – and your own body – on a whole new level. Become a Ayurvedic Certified Herbalist.

ayurvedic herbal certification

Aromatherapy Certifications

Aromatherapy Certification

Become a Certified Aromatherapist in this 250-hour course approved by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). This aromatherapy course will train you to work confidently with more than 40 different essential oils! 

Become a Certified Aromatherapist.

aromatherapy certification

Clinical Aromatherapist

The renowned 850-hour NAHA-approved program will take you to the most advanced level of aromatherapy, teaching you to use aromatics in a clinical or professional setting. Clinical Aromatherapist Certification, learn to run a clinical practice or an aromatherapy business; your education also includes business development education. 

aromatherapy certification

Flower Essence Practitioner

Flower essences are the life force of the flower.  They contain the vibrational energy of flowers,  Learn to source, create, and use this precious gift for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Students learn about different types of essences and how to use them to help clients achieve maximum health. Unlock the power of flower essences.  Become a Flower Essence Practitioner.

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Enrollment Bundles
Become an herbalist

I reconnected with nature!

As a doctor, I would never know how to answer my patient’s questions about herbs and herbal medicine. I decided to take this course to be able to assist my clients, and I ended up learning a lot and having so much fun! I got reconnected to nature and now reappreciate all that the Earth has to offer. Demetria was attentive and patient with all of my questions; I appreciated that.
Mark (Phytotherapy Diploma)

This exceeded my expectations!

I started this course with high hopes, and honestly, the course exceeded my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel confident in the information I have gained! Keep up the great teaching!! There are zero complaints from me as a student!
Chelsea B. (Certified Herbalist Certification)

I had a phenomenal experience!

I’m very pleased with this course and am so thankful that I found it! I searched for nearly 5 years to find the perfect course for me and my schedule. I love that it’s self–paced and that I can go back and reference different videos, slides, and other learning materials.
– K Hicksonbottom. (Clinical Herbal Certification)

A whole new world!

I was totally new to aromatherapy; however, I’ve always loved flowers, plants, body care products, and perfumes. I never knew how those products were created or where essential oils came from. I enjoyed the course – it opened up a whole new world for me. I would recommend this course to friends, family, and associates. The course material is so valuable, it made learning exciting. I will never look at nature the same way; I can see clearly now!
-Shaynes (Clinical Aromatherapy Certification) 

I'm so inspired!

This experience was truly such an inspiration. What I loved most about the course was the wide range of references and visuals used as a collective curriculum. It is important as an educator to be able to have different types of references, such as articles, audio clips, visual aids, cheat sheets, etc., to ensure that your information is being received effectively. I am so grateful for this opportunity.
– A. West-Robinson (Clinical Herbal Certification)

Never disappoints!

I love all Heart of Herbs courses. The classes are so much fun, and the questions are answered quickly. I have taken a few courses and they never disappoint!
Gladys (Herbs for Children).

I loved it all!

I loved the multiple ways that students were asked to engage in the course…the videos, the readings, and the hands-on. 

Dr. Carolyn Jackson-King 2022

Your Herbal Education Journey




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Dive into the fascinating world of plant medicine by learning how to work confidently with various plants. Before you know it, you’ll be brewing pots of steaming herbal tea, making your own aromatic skincare products, and formulating tinctures to support sleep, digestion, immunity, and more. Furthermore, our herbal education program and aromatherapy courses have tons of recipes and resources.

With hands-on experience and mentorship, you will be ready to develop your product line or open an herbal business before you know it. Your teacher and student community are here for you every step of the way. We encourage you to ask questions and clarify details as you build upon your herbal foundation. In addition, Demetria also hosts connection calls to allow more student connections. Become a Certified Herbalist! 

Your time at Heart of Herbs Herbal School is the first step in a plant-powered hobby or career. We can help you achieve your career goals. In addition, our certification programs are approved by the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) and the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), so you’ll be able to achieve the credentials you need for a successful career. Read about herbal and aromatherapy job prospects and salaries.

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Herbal Healing for Children
herbs for beautiful hair
being an herbalist

Why Herbal Certification Matters

In a world where natural remedies are gaining popularity, it’s essential to understand the importance of herb certification and herbal certification. Whether you are a wellness enthusiast, an herbalist, or a consumer looking for high-quality herbal products, herb certification ensures you get the best of nature’s treasures.

But why does herbal certification matter?

With the increasing demand for herbal supplements and remedies, the market has become flooded with products of questionable quality. Herb certification provides a means to distinguish herbalists and products that meet high safety, efficacy, and quality standards. It signifies that the herbs have been grown, harvested, and processed following strict guidelines and best practices.


Moreover, herb certification also helps protect the environment by promoting sustainable farming practices and the conservation of rare and endangered plant species. Being a Certified Herbalist means you can connect clients with safe products. So, whether you are a herbal business seeking to differentiate yourself in a crowded market or a consumer prioritizing your well-being, understanding the significance of herb certification is paramount.


It gives you the confidence that the herbs you are using or offering to others are of the highest quality, potency, and authenticity. Don’t underestimate the power of herbs and ensure you unlock their potential through certified products. herbalist academy herbalist academy

Demetria Clark:
Founder & Lead Instructor

Demetria is the Founder of Heart of Herbs Herbal School and has been our Lead Instructor since our inception in 1998. She has personally written much of our course curriculum and enjoys answering students’ questions. You will also find her best-selling books for sale at a bookstore near you.

In addition, she has formally apprenticed and studied with renowned herbalists Rosemary Gladstar, Jane Smolnik, Cascade Anderson Geller, Susan Weed, and many others, and aromatherapy visionaries, among others. Moreover, she is the author of multiple best-selling herbal books and is the Director of Birth Arts International, a premier doula certification and training organization. Therefore, you can be assured of support and the leading edge in herbal and aromatherapy education. Become a Certified Herbalist!

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