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Herbalist salary?

How much can I make as a professional herbalist? What types of jobs can I do as a Clinical Herbalist? How much does an herbalist make?

An herbalist is a person who practices herbalism, which uses plants for medicinal purposes. Herbalists believe in the power of alternative medicine and use herbs as their source of treatment. Herbalists have a wide range of specialties, including those who use plants for medicinal purposes, cultivating and using herbs to heal, herbal remedies formulation, etc. Many herbalists have clinical herbal practices or run retail establishments. It can be a rewarding a lucrative career path.

Through the years, my herbal career has included formulating, writing, consulting for herbal medicine companies, institutional garden design, and running an herbal school. Your herbal career can grow and change as you do in the profession.

Thus, making money as an herbalist is entirely up to you; you must have a good work ethic, develop business skills, and believe in yourself. No program will make you successful or not; that is inside of you. You can do the following depending on what type of herbalism you decide to practice.

Some of the jobs our students have taken after completing their education:

In short, these are just a few avenues you can venture down, but with some imagination, I am sure you can develop dozens more.

In addition, my students incorporate their practice into their present life, bakers, innkeepers, coffee house owners, restaurateurs, farmers, ranchers, homesteaders, authors, photographers, etc. Lastly, we know the options are limitless.

An herbalist’s salary range depends on their training, how they run their business and the services they offer.

Our herbal education has included business development training for over 20 years. The American Herbalists Guild notes a broad range of possible earnings for herbalists: anywhere between $20,000 and $120,000 per year, depending on their practice area and individual successes. Moreover, I have personally trained many students who make over $150,000 a year.

Zip recruiter cites herbal salaries of $30,000- $170,000 a year, and Glass Door notes wages from $65,000-$200,000 yearly.

How much does an Herbalist make?

The salary range for an herbalist depends on several factors. Some of these include the type of training they have received and the state where they practice their profession. The more business an herbalist can generate, the higher their salary will be. For example, the more education you have, the higher your herbal pay.

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