Let’s explore the vast career options for herbalists!

Herbalists tend to have an entrepreneurial spirit, which is not surprising. Herbalists often think outside of the box and have an independent spirit.

Many are drawn to this unique field of herbal medicine and plant study because of it is a fulfilling and compassionate method of healing and connects us with nature. This field boasts a rich history and offers a multitude of career options that are continually evolving and widely applied across the globe. Herbalism is practiced in every region of the world. Herbalist worldwide share in the health, development and social strata in all communities.

herbalist careers
herbalist careers

Clinical Herbalist Careers

Clinical herbalism refers to working with herbs, crafting herbal products, and supporting clients one-on-one. In this field, herbalists use their education and experience to help their clients find beneficial herbs. A clinical herbalist may earn between $40 and $400 per hour, depending on education, skills, and knowledge. Clinical Herbalists can also offer wellness packages and retreats for clients.

It’s important to understand that in the United States, herbalists are not authorized to practice medicine. So, you can still support clients with education and helping them to advocate for themselves. Therefore, it’s recommended that practicing herbalists have at least two years of education in herbalism or herbology. Additionally, they should have advanced training in clinical herbalism and hands-on practice under the guidance of a mentor. It may also benefit them to acquire an education in a related health field. It’s worth noting that herbalists come from various educational backgrounds and are not just from medical backgrounds.

To become a clinical herbalist, you can learn more about our Master Herbalist and Clinical Herbalist Programs.

Selling Herbal Formulations

Herbalists acquire knowledge to produce various products, such as salves, balms, herbal capsules, tinctures, teas, spice blends, and more. Our education programs teach you how to make all of these. 

Many herbalists start their businesses after completing their studies. They can sell their products through various channels, such as websites, blogs, Etsy, farmers markets, fairs, and other events. Herbalists can establish Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) organizations and sell products in retail and wholesale markets. To connect with other businesses you can network with, join the local Chamber of Commerce.

In our Clinical, Master Herbalist, and Herbal Skin Care programs, we provide valuable insights and experience from successful herbal business owners. In addition, these businesses, ranging in size and success, were all started by herbalists; we have spent the last 25 years helping students achieve their business goals. 

Spreading the Word

It is common for herbalists to pursue a career in education after mastering the knowledge of creating herbal preparations to enhance health with the help of plants. Let’s face it, though, this isn’t for everyone. Before you embark on this route, talk to others who do this as a profession.

Therefore, it can be a large undertaking, even with the rising demand for herbalists to take the lead in teaching and educating others about herbalism. Opportunities for herbalists to teach and speak publicly are increasing worldwide, and various established herbal groups, schools, and organizations are seeking guest speakers and educators who can provide valuable insights about herbalism and plants. We often hire guest lecturers for our student classroom.

Herbalists can speak and teach at wellness events, herbal conferences, business and health expos, community events, and local health-related businesses.

The payment for teaching at herbal schools, organizations, and events varies. Herbalists can set their pay rate or negotiate depending on the budget. Make sure you feel good about payment and the commitment level before making any decisions. If you teach at a large event that you travel to ensure you understand all that may be required, you may not have covered lodging, food, or travel expenses.


Putting Pen to Paper

Herbalists possess a vast amount of knowledge that they can share with us. This knowledge can be used by beginner herbalists or anyone interested in learning about herbs. These types of articles and resources help make herbalism more accessible. Often a person’s first introduction to herbs can be looking up a recipe and resource found on a blog. Successful bloggers can make money through paid sponsorships, advertising, ebooks, product sales, and affiliates. If you’re interested, you can find our affiliate program here. Freelance writing is another way for herbalist entrepreneurs to earn additional income. Additionally, some herbalists self publish books and ebooks to bring in passive income. To be successful in this field, herbalists should also possess computer skills and editing abilities and understand how to craft their writing.

Herbal Jobs

More and more herb shops, apothecaries, wellness clinics, medicinal herbal companies, and herb farms are looking for professionals to join their teams. Our students have joined the ranks of many prominent herbal businesses worldwide. We work to assist students to have the highest skill level for their future goals.

Trained herbalists can find various job openings, from administrative positions to nutrition consultation and business management. Proper herbalism training can give one the specialized knowledge required by holistic organizations and a competitive edge over other candidates.

We frequently share such job opportunities with our students. We also write letters of recommendation for employment and work with large herbal companies to provide education to their employees. In addition, we have had cohorts of students put through our programs from large tea and medicinal companies.

These job opportunities include tea blending, consulting, running a practice, formulation blending, private labeling products, working for a sizeable herbal company, clinical group practices, and more. The world is wide open for trained herbalists to pursue their love and build a thriving career.


herbal careers
herbal career farming
herbal careers harvesting herbs

Herb Farming

Learning about herbs, their constituents, identification, and how to grow them offers many lucrative business opportunities. It opens up various possibilities for herbologists interested in growing herbs for wholesale, farmers’ markets, or herbal shops.

Many farming programs and grants exist to promote herbal farming and farmers. You can find special grants if you are a Veteran, new to farming, etc..

Many herb farmers supply starter plants, protected plants and other sustainable plants to businesses all over the US. The Department of Agriculture has lots of resources for this type of farming.

A Certificate in herbalism can help in community-supported agriculture and urban gardening. It can also provide herbs for medicinal use, skin care, restaurants, schools, and hospitals. We have trained countless chefs, estheticians, spa owners, yogis, therapists, doctors, nurses, teachers, etc.. all kinds of people love herbalism.

Visit your Extension Service website to learn more about herb farming and how to get started in your community.

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