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This course exceeded my expectations. I wanted to learn more about herbs to help in healing myself and my family, but now I feel confident in pointing others to herbs as a modality in a part of their own healing practice. I learned so much in writing out my materia medicas and in making my own formulas. We have used all of the formulas I have made and use herbs on a daily basis in our household now. I am happy to be using herbs and food as medicine – I think this is the way it is meant to be. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and resources to further not only our well-being but that of the planet.

Carla G. 2022

I can’t believe I have completed this course! This is the best experience in online schooling I have had in my adult life. Demetria Clark and her staff are always there to provide extra assistance when you need it. The hard copy books and e-learning does a wonderful job of keeping up with the times. The ability to talk to other students on social media is great.
Deanna G. 2022

Deanna G. 2022

I had a really great time with this class. I plan to work through it a second time and once I have completed it again, I will start to work it into my practice. The amount of knowledge I received from this class is invaluable.
I enjoyed everything about this class, I liked the layout, really liked the recorded lectures, and Demetria has such a calming voice. I like how the program was set up not to fail you but to keep you going and working hard.

Nichol 2019

I am a new herbalist and I wanted a solid foundation for my work. Demetria exposed us to all types of herbal topics and gave us the ability to traverse anywhere we please in the herbal world. Thank you!

Trevor 2020

I learned quite a bit from this program. I had some experience coming into the program, but the additional knowledge I have gained will help me going forward. I didn’t just learn what certain herbs can do for certain ailments but learned about the way those herbs interact and ways to take care of the body through the use of herbs. I now have a better understanding of providing better overall guidance to clients, not just about the issue they present, but even in dietary and spiritual practice spaces. I have also learned more about the conversations with plants, learning the wisdom of their healing properties from them. I have been able to start creating my own products based on the knowledge that I have gained from this program. The program has provided a wealth of knowledge that can help not only myself and my family, but others that I interact with.

Todd 2022

I loved the multiple ways that students were asked to engage in the course…the videos, the readings, and the hands-on. 

Dr. Carolyn Jackson-King 2022

As this course provided me the deep knowledge about essential oils and their uses in specific conditions, I can custom my aromatherapy blends and with my prior knowledge of Herbalism and Cosmetology, I plan to essential oil production manufacturer or aromatherapy business entrepreneur and run my own salon with a wide range of holistic natural organic products in healing and beauty/skin care treatments. This way, I can promote healing and wellness into society within my rewarding career by launching aromatherapy-based therapeutic products with herbal natural practice. And my Nursing experience will add more to it to ease the diseases and illness with My alternative approaches as natural therapist in maintaining health and wellness. And best of all, I am on my way toward a deeply satisfying career.

Abida Sheikh 2020

I really enjoyed the Intro to Herbalism Class. I look forward to starting the Master Herbalist class and am appreciative it can be completed at my own pace. I appreciate discounts for current students wanting to take additional classes or I would not have been able to afford the costs. Thanks for all you do!!!! 

Connie 2022

This course gained me different outcomes from the history to daily application of aromatherapy, identifying essential oils properties, sensitivity, and understanding of essential oils to make my own scents. Question about the most learned content, it is the basic science behind each and every body mechanism to accommodate relevant therapeutic aromatics. Last but not least, I now know how to formulate well to help others with my service skills and aromatherapy relief products.

The course was very enlightening, I have always wanted to learn how to use herbs safely for medicinal purposes. I have gained a wealth of knowledge, and respect for the earth.
Thanks so much for making it affordable.
This is a course I will recommend to others, and hopefully take a different course in the future. Keep on doing what you do to help educate people and healing herbs, and all the fun ways to use them.

Joe Ann 2022

Well, first I received this gorgeous book and have used it so many times to help others heal and to make your recipes. I have been able to share my knowledge with others and myself to heal. I have been surprised at the vast amount of options in the herb world. I really liked the online aspect of it, that I can do it on my own time. I have had a baby and moved 4 times during the start of this course. I have suggested this course to multiple women and have shared with them recipes for themselves, their families, and their pets. 

Iderah 2017

I thought the course covered the topics needed for aromatherapy very well. The modules were arranged in a way that helped me to learn basic principles and progress into more detailed information. Botany, chemistry, and anatomy were challenging modules that I enjoyed.
I loved that I could learn at my own pace. I loved the audio lectures and the other resources such as research studies, resource lists, etc. The inclusion of some herbal information was great as I believe herbalism and aromatherapy complement each other so well, and the more you know about a plant, the better! I really loved all of the information, including tons of great recipes! There was so much encouragement and support that made me feel like “I can do this!”

Tammy G. 2020

I loved this course so much! It was seamlessly organized and fun. Demetria was very quick to respond with any questions I had. I really enjoyed making herbal remedies as part of this course. Now I have my own little home apothecary!
I would 10/10 recommend this course to my herbal friends!

Amanda 2020

I’ve completed the Certified Herbalist course and am happy with what I’ve learned. The course required a variety of different methods of learning including books, hands-on creation of different applications, and a broad curriculum of modalities. I loved that most of the course was based on the sciences, but there was ample room for the introduction of the metaphysical and magical aspects of plant work. An added bonus is the online discussion group for research and feedback and the quick response to questions and homework assignments. Well worth the time and money!

Tamara 2020

This course is nothing short of amazing and very informative. Determination determines your outcome. I loved how detailed the instructions and reading passages are. The assignments helped push me further into professionalism.
If you’re looking to be certified without the extra costs and additives of things you don’t need, then I’d suggest this program for you. I love how I was able to work at my own pace, and also the quizzes keep you sharp.

Dorothy 2020

Taking this course was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I made for my life. I was super excited to get started and on the path that I was called to walk on. I soon remembered all of the responsibilities I had in real life. With patience, and grace I have finally arrived at the end. Taking this course helped me delve into the world of herbal medicine when it seemed so intimidating at first.
Before I took the course I had purchased herbal books and relied solely on the internet and those books to get information about herbs and their uses. While there was a lot of information online, I learned that not every source was a good source. The education offered in this course has helped me to filter through the websites that were being controlled, and offering mostly negative actions of herbs and not highlighting the positives.
I also learned things about the body I didn’t know and soon after I started this course I started studying anatomy and physiology of the human body to get a clearer picture of body functions.
This course and my subsequent studies have prepared me for life as an herbalist. I am much more confident in what I know and I’m continuing to learn on a daily basis. It’s really interesting to watch my life, knowledge, and confidence transform. I have you, Demetria Clark, and your course to thank for my initiation!
I have healed myself and my immediate family from ailments and it saved us all time and money. I know what to do when something arises that I can correct. I have given suggestions to friends and extended family. I have started an herbal business, and I am ready to put products that I have made on store shelves! Even though the course is ending I plan to stay in touch with the Heart of Herbs community on Facebook because there are a lot of bright herbalists and we share herbalism in common
Though it took me a longer time than most to finish the course I was determined to make this opportunity happen. I am grateful to you, and Heart of Herbs Herbal School for the beginning of my herbal educations lifelong journey.
I give thanks.

Akila Ali 2020

This course is so fascinating, unleashing nature’s gift that can be a potential relief of pain and stress. I really Enjoyed the Topics and Aromatherapy Discussion, this is a different kind of specialization. I have also a gift which is a gift of a strong sense of smell and some senses like hearing. sense this includes olfactory, this is an advantage for me.
Jose 2022

I had a phenomenal experience learning about herbs. I have grown sufficiently this year and if more confidence in building my herbal business. The lessons were easy to understand and very informative.

Eboni 2020

I look forward to learning more as I go along; this course has given me a great basis to start my on herbal garden and treatments. 

Brianne 2017

Heart Of Herbs Herbal School gave me a whole new view and appreciation of herbs and the confidence to use them. I enjoyed learning from Demetria Clark, she is helpful, understanding, and supportive. The students are also supportive and will help you on your journey. HOH is not just a herbal school, it’s the open door needed to make better-informed choices for you and your family. It’s an experience I will never forget! I look forward to taking more classes at Heart of Herbs.

Ameera 2015

I was totally new to aromatherapy however I’ve always loved flowers, plants, body care products, and perfumes but I never knew how those products were created or where essential oils came from. I enjoyed the course, it opened up a whole new world to new. I would recommend this course to friends, family, and associates.
I loved learning about the varieties of flowers, plants, trees, and roots and where these natural resources originated. Learning about health benefits was an eye-opener, I had no idea of the medicinal benefits. I also loved learning from other students on the Facebook page. The course material is so valuable it made learning exciting. I will never look at nature the same way, I could see clearly now.
Shaynes 2020

Shaynes 2020

Life has definitely thrown me a few challenges after I decided to take this course. It has been a lifelong dream of mine. But babies and a family came first. So like most, I waited until later in life to complete it. But I’m glad I did. The online option worked so amazingly in my favor and life. And the lesson materials are at my fingertips!!!! Thank you for your support during this and this course.

Bonnie 2021

I started this course with high hopes, and honestly, the course exceeded my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel confident in the information I have gained!
Keep up the great teaching!! There are zero complaints from me as a student!

Chelsea B 2020

What I loved most about this course is how it pushed me out of my comfort zone. After every lesson, I felt my confidence-boosting and I am very thanking you for being pointed down the right path because herbalism is the path and it has been amazing to start my journey.
I am so excited that I reached the finish line and to move on with my studies. Heart of Herbs has truly been a great experience! Thank you!!

Taryn M. 2020

I got a lot out of this class. I really enjoyed learning more about herbs and feel much more knowledgeable in the area. I love helping people and herbalism is an amazing way to do that. One of the things I got out of these studies is to start teaching children about herbs in different co-ops in my community. They have really enjoyed it and so have I. Through this class, I have gained the knowledge and confidence to be able to do that.

Kayla C. 2020

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to enroll with the Heart of Herbs Herbal School. I have completed the Certified Herbalist course and am now, working through the Master Clinical Herbalist course. The first course gave me a great foundation in my herbal education to expand on in the Master Herbalist course. I have learned a lot about herbs that support the various body systems, plant identification, harvesting methods, methods of preparation, and SO much more. The coursework gives me the luxury of working at my own time and speed while diving into learning about the herbs I am most drawn to. I feel like the Heart of Herbs Herbal School has been a perfect fit to help support my journey toward becoming a confident herbalist. It is exciting to start using my skills in herbalism to help support health in my community. I have always wanted to learn about herbalism but lacked the structure. Thank you for designing this incredible program and making it affordable and accessible to those interested in pursuing their dreams as an herbalist!
Fantastic course! I appreciate the additional resource mentions to guide my education. Your courses are well-designed for people to work through on their own time and at their own speed. I love that it gives me the room as an independent learner to dive deep into the areas I am most interested in. I feel like it gives me the opportunity to bring my own creativity to the table and explore my interests!

Sheila 2021

The course materials we very well written and received. I enjoyed the lesson videos and lectures. I highly recommend anyone to attend this course. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to proceeding forward. 

Marilyn 2020

I loved that this course was self-paced and allowed for plenty of time with the rigors of daily life. I also liked the variety of information and resources that it provided throughout all modules. 

Philip A. 2020

As a lover of holistic principles and someone who has studied herbs on some level for over 20+ years, I can easily say how much I love and appreciate HOH courses. I came across Heart of Herb’s site with the course listings many years ago. My formal education includes a Bachelors’s and a Master’s degree so when I signed up for the Master Herbalist Course I wasn’t expecting it to be that intensive since it was ‘just a correspondence course’. When I received the manual I was shocked but super excited. The content of the course, assignments, and the book list were so extensive and thorough that, for the price of the course, I was very thrilled that I had gotten such great information for the cost. I was, in fact, ecstatic as I knew I was going to really learn a lot and have deeper knowledge in a shorter amount of time that just self study. This is not a school you are going to ‘skate through,’ Demetria is professional and is serious about her work and requires her students to do their best and to be serious about their work as well. After I finished the Intensive Herbalist Course (HOH: MA in Herbalism) I went to do complete the Greenspirit Wisecraft Course and recently also enrolled in the Master Aromatherapy Course (which has almost been completed). I continue to suggest her programs to others and am happy to be an alumnus of the school.

Kelli 2013

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SO MANY THiNGS!; I loved the down-to-earth, nonjudgmental, Mom to Mom feeling of this program! I really enjoyed all the lectures and videos. I am a visual learner. I loved the 9 books, they are beautiful. I also felt all the assignments on making herbal products were fantastic and guaranteed hands-on learning. Amanda M. 2020

I can’t even explain how much this education and compassionate support meant to me. This school is amazing. Demetria Clark is so present and supportive. Emily 2020

I am very pleased with this course and I am so thankful that I found this course. I searched for nearly 5 years for the perfect course for me and my schedule. I love that it was self-paced and that I can go back and reference different videos, slides and/or etc. K. Hicksonbottom 2020

Support, with this program I had it. I couldn’t believe the amazing things other students were doing with their education. It was so inspiring. The courses have so much information and content. I couldnt’ believe how much I learned. I can formulate professional herbal remedies for clients and support them. Candice 2020

This experience was truly such an inspiration. The things I loved most about the course was the wide range of references and visuals that were used as a collective curriculum. It is important as an educator to be able to have different types of references such as articles, audio clips, visual aids, cheat sheets etc. to ensure that your information is being received effectively. I am so grateful for this opportunity. A. West-Robinson

I have learned so many new things by taking this program and reading the mandatory and suggested material. My interest has grown even more after taking this course. I am excited to continue my studies and gain more knowledge in herbalism. Some of the many things I learned are- harvesting herbs such as different techniques and storage, making salves and tinctures for healing such as back and joint pain, safety in regards to herbs for people and pets, how to create and maintain a materia medica, how to create an intake form and other business information, pet care and healthy animal treats and food, aromatherapy and flower essences for adults, children, and pets. I also learned a good deal about men’s health, women’s health, and herbalism with children which I found very informative. I also enjoyed learning about common teen problems, how to help with the emotions of young adults. Learning about women’s health as we get older and how to help hormone imbalance with herbs such as Dong Quai and Black Cohosh was very useful.
My favorite part of the course is hard to choose, but I enjoyed making the decoctions. I tried a new blend almost every day. My favorite was valerian root. I have a lot of trouble sleeping at night and staying asleep and it has helped me a lot. It feels great trying new things that make me feel better. I’m excited to continue try new remedies and eventually use my skills and knowledge from this course and furthered learning to help other people besides myself. Knowing I can help people by promoting their wellness and assist in finding help for their ailments is a nice thought. I hope I can share my new knowledge with friends and family, and some day start my own business to help others. 

I’ve gotten such an incredible amount of knowledge and information from this course. I began it almost 2 years ago after taking care of a friend of mine who had ALS. He passed away in April 2015, and we used a lot of herbs and alternative medicine to help with his palliative care.

Herbalism have been something that I’d been using in my life for many years, even before I started caring for him, and once I saw what the use of herbs had done for him through the course of his illness and his death, I was even more motivated to learn and understand about herbalism and plant medicine. Over the last two years it’s become a deep part of my own personal practice to understand how herbs can support my overall health. I take infusions on a daily basis of red raspberry, nettles, and red clover. Also as I’ve had various health issues come up over the last couple of years, anything from the common cold to endometriosis, I’ve been able to utilize the information in this course to better understand how to treat myself.
Additionally, as friends have had issues come up, they’ve come to me knowing that I was taking this course, and I was able to use the materials in addition to research that I did on my own to help formulate remedies and treatments for their health conditions. As a Reiki Master I also found the lessons that talked about the systems of the body to be extremely helpful in understanding how energy medicine works in our physical system as well. And I’ve added sections on the different systems of the body to my Reiki 1 and 2 trainings, and also cover a few aspects of flower essences, aromatherapy, and nervines in the classes as well.
I’ve been living this work deeply for the last two years which is part of why I haven’t been as active with the homework since I began the course in 2015. I was really excited to see that, when I returned to complete the questions and lessons that remain for the completion of this course, I already knew so much of this information and have been experiencing it and working with it over the course of the last two years. I’ve gained such a tremendous amount of additional respect for Mother Earth, plant medicine, and the herbalists who working daily in this tradition. I love the fact that I have access to the book and all of the coursework that I’ve completed so that I can fall back on this as I move forward in my life. Sharna 2017

I would have to truthfully say the biggest and most valuable thing I have learned from taking your program is self-confidence. I have discovered that I love working with nature, and using natural alternative medicine and that I’m really kind of good at it. I would have never had the self-confidence to help as many people as I have with herbal treatments if it hadn’t been for this course. Before taking this course I was learning on my own and doing my own research on herbal medicine, but there were areas that I still knew little about. This program expanded my education in those areas, such as
reflexology and flower essences. These are two subjects I knew very little about but greatly enjoyed and still practice regularly. I really love that you have a selection of courses available online, going to classes can be a challenge for many people with busy and chaotic life styles. Being allowed to learn and pass in material on your own time online is a blessing for many people, myself included. In taking this course I have become more comfortable and familiarized with herbs and their uses. I’ve also become more familiarized with different conditions and ailments than I ever have been before. Before taking this course I knew what tinctures and extracts were but I wasn’t familiar with making them. Now I’m very comfortable with herbs in the kitchen making tinctures, extracts, oils, salves, ointments, creams, rinses, etc. My medicine cabinet is finally filled with medicine that my children and I made using many plants that we have wild-harvested ourselves. My husband has lower back problems that render him disabled. Since I have been practicing reflexology on him and massaging him with oils and salves I have made using plants I harvested myself I have seen some improvement in how he moves and feels. I finally got him to stop taking so many Alieve pills each day which are terrible for him by replacing them with white willow bark tablets. It’s a wonderful feeling when you know that you can help someone feel better, physically, spiritually, and or emotionally, and taking this course has given me that. Thank you!” Debby 2017

I learned a great deal about the many ways we can treat ourselves and our family. There are so many outside factors that affect us, and sometimes we need to return to the natural world to find peace and healthiness.
I am excited to grow new herbs which I hope will benefit myself and my family in our every day lives. I have since purchased and read books about herbs specific to pets to better help my family.
I learned about herbs that can treat ailments I never even would have thought to try herbs with. I am going to try many of them myself, having a wart on my finger for years and nothing seems to help. I intend to try garlic on it and see if I have any success.
I look forward to learning more as I go along; this course has given me a great basis to start my on herbal garden and treatments. Brianne 2017

Since I started this course last year, I feel like I’ve gotten my life back! I am no longer on anti­-anxiety medication. Instead, I have formulated my own herbal “Mental Health Tea” remedy! I am also no longer taking the great big Potassium horse pills as I am able to add potassium naturally into my diet via various herbs that I’ve learned about. I have also formulated my own Menopausal Blues tea and am no longer bothered by hot flashes, night sweats, or profuse or irregular bleeding. My acne has pretty much cleared up as I am now using my own all-natural, homemade skincare products. I feel like my hormones are more in balance than they were last fall and I have even lost a few pounds as a result of both using herbal remedies for the hormonal imbalance as well as eating a lot healthier. I have learned how to grow, harvest, dry, and prepare my own herbal remedies. In fact, I have my own little herbal apothecary set up now! After feeling as if I had grown stagnant in my previous career, I am once again excited about my future as I look forward to learning even more about herbs and helping other people as a Certified Herbalist. Even though I am still taking care of my 87-year ­old mother with dementia for which there is no cure, I feel like I have been able to incorporate some basic aromatherapy techniques in order to assist with the management of her behaviors such as agitation, confusion, etc. Although my mom does not like herbal tea, my husband who has suffered from pleurisy off and on is drinking the Pleurisy tea now as needed that I learned about in your book, and it seems to have subsided. Also, I was able to impart some of what I learned about herbs to my sister who had breast cancer, had a partial mastectomy, and went through radiation therapy this past winter. So far she is in remission. So all in all, I really can’t thank you enough for this program! I thank you, my family, thanks you, and the people I will be helping in the future thank you! I hope to be continuing my studies with you by taking some other courses later on through the Heart of Herbs school.” Lori

Just wanted to share with everyone how much I enjoyed the “Master Herbalist” course MH 505. The course provided a wonderful array of different technical topics fostering knowledge depth and important awareness into the science of herbal and alternative medicine. The course material is arranged and configured as an excellent distant learning platform with careful professional instructions and assignments. When an issue arose, which was rare, support was just around corner that was answered promptly with guided accuracy.
Now that I have completed the course, I feel very confident with a new arsenal of knowledge and a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. This program will allow future building blocks to expand my education and experience into the beautiful world of herbal medicine for the rest of life. Passi

I am a Master Herbalist graduate. Demetria Clark was not only supportive in my studies, but also went above and beyond. While I was trying to register with my provincial herbalist association, I needed extra clinical work and to do a thesis. Demetria helped me to gain all the requirements I needed to gain registration.
I highly recommend Heart of Herbs school. My middle daughter who is planning to go into skin care will be doing the Herbal Skin Care for Business program! Jennifer Confalone-Pottruff