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Ready to secure your future with sage wisdom? That’s precisely what we’re unpacking on the Heart of Herbs Herbal School podcast with me, your host Demetria Clark. Our community of herbalists and alternative health practitioners often lacks the traditional financial safety nets, so I’m taking you through my own journey of realizing the power of early retirement planning. By weaving personal anecdotes with critical lessons, I guide you through the intricacies of making modest yet impactful contributions to your nest egg, all while managing the immediate needs of your own business. Learn how herbal entrepreneurship can help you create a sustainable herbal business.


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As we traverse the landscape of financial planning, I shed light on the underestimated value of seeking professional advice—no matter the size of your wallet or business. In the world of small business ownership, understanding the correlation between retirement savings and tax savings is key, and I’m here to demystify that process. Together, we champion a culture of open money discussions within our families, fostering individual success and an industry that’s resilient and prosperous across generations. Listen in and arm yourself with herbal entrepreneurship knowledge to blossom your business and personal financial security.

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