Children’s Herbal Course

Children are our future, the best of us.

Herbals for Children Course

Who is perfect for this course?

  • Parents who want to holistically treat common childhood illnesses, work with their child to achieve optimal immunity and health.
  • Herbalists who want to specialize or work with more families.
  • Caregivers, parents, grandparents and other people who work with children.
  • Medical personal who want to add herbal knowledge to their practices, or want to understand why parents are opting for certain remedies and protocols first.

This program is over 500 pages of instructional materials to assist you in achieving your goals. We even have coloring pages for your kids to use while you do your homework.

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Syllabus for Program

Lesson 1
Introduction to program.
Is Herbalism safe for children?
Suggested Reading List

Lesson 2
History of Herbalism
Cultural Aspects of Herbalism
What is a Herbalist
Lectures for section

Lesson 3
Aromatherapy for Herbalism
History of Aromatherapy
Methods of Application
Distillation Methods
Essential Oil Safety
Adverse Reactions
Lectures for section

Lesson 4
Ethical Wildcrafting
Herbal Harvesting
Edible Flowers
Herbal Quality
Lectures for section

Lesson 5
Methods of Herbal Application
Learn how to make all the different types of herbal applications for family health, for example, tinctures, salves, pills, capsules, infusions, decoctions and so much more.
Herbal Medicine Making
Herbal Formulas
Helpful Equipment
Allergic Reaction Causing Herbs
Poisonous Plants
Proper Storage
Herbal Product Shelf Lives
Lectures for section

Lesson 6
Herbal Remedies for Childhood Issues (this lesson contains 100’s of recipes for children).
Children’s Safety
6 Herbs that Work Hard for Kids
Allium Respiratory Recipes
Interviews for Section
We cover common and uncommon child health issues and offers hundreds of recipes for you to use or use as bases for your own formulas.

Lesson 7
Herbs for Pregnancy, Labor and Breastfeeding
Remedies for Pregnancy
Remedies for Labor and Delivery
After Birth
This lesson is over 100 pages of recipes and information for this time period.

Enroll $375 $206.25 with coupon code FALL2021

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