Heart of Herbs Certified Herbalist Certification Program

Certified Herbalist Certification Program

Has the path to herbalism been calling you? Has the cost, time, or resources stopped you from taking the next step? Are you dreaming of a career in herbalism?

This course is not only affordable; it is a self-paced online program that gives students that have little or no herbal experience tools for working with herbs and turns their skills into skills for a lifetime or your new career.

Your work will ignite the flames of herbalism and set you onto a path of herbal confidence and skills to fulfill your herbal dreams!

Making Salves

Enroll $595 or 3 payments of $216/ month

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Are you ready to learn how to use herbs safely and serve your community?

Are you ready to have an herbal career or business?

Have you been dreaming of working with herbs?
This program is the program for you.

Have you been dreaming of working with herbs?
This program is the program for you.

Our Herbalist Certification program offers students a comprehensive education that takes one from a budding herbalist to a community practitioner and formulator. You can use this education program for your career goals. Heart of Herbs Herbal School has a long history of supporting students with their goals.

What do students do when they complete the Herbalist Certification course? A lot of our students have herbal practices or herbal products companies. Individuals who take this program have gone on to study; further, some teach at co-ops, events, etc… Some start businesses, open their shops, and teach herbal programs of their own. The program is known worldwide for its full teacher support, practicality, and high rate of student success and satisfaction in this 400-hour academic educational program. Our program gives the student access to over 1000 pages of educational material.

Who is my teacher? Demetria Clark, the best-selling author,  is your primary teacher. She is our Founder and Director and always has time for students. Join our student group and work with students from all over the world. Besides, she does all student support, including on one interaction. Demetria Clark has been teaching students since 1998.

How long does the course take? Most students take about 7-10 months to complete the Herbalist Certification, but you can work at your own pace and schedule; we understand you have a busy life.

How long does the course take? Most students take about 7-10 months to complete the Herbalist Certification, but you can work at your own pace. You can even come back when you complete the program to access any updates or bonus resources.

How can I connect with other students? Yes, we have a vibrant online community where students can connect with students, past and present. Learn with others from all over the world.

Guess what? You also get access to any updates, bonuses, webinars and Q&A sessions we offer. Check out this sample course resource.

All students can have one on one support, and access to the program director for assistance.

Making Tinctures

Enroll $595 or 3 payments of $216/ month

Enroll Today! Enroll Today – Payment Plan

What will I learn? The following is a basic syllabus, our courses cover these topics and so much more.

Lesson 1
Welcome to Heart of Herbs Herbal School
Student Handbook
Supply Suggestions

Lesson 2
Introduction to Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy for Herbalists- Learn to use essential oils safely in your herbal applications.

Lesson 3
History of Herbalism
What is a Herbalist?
History of Herbalism lesson materials and lectures.

Lesson 4
Harvesting Guide
Herbal Harvesting Guide
Herbal Harvesting eBook

Lesson 5
Methods of Application
Learn how to make herbal applications
Infused Oils
How to Make Herbal Formulas
Fresh Herbal Tinctures
Compresses and Poultices
Lozenges and so many other wonderful applications!
Dosaging Guidelines

Lesson 6
Herbal Safety Guidelines
Learn to use herbs safely
Materia Medica

Lesson 7
FAQ’s and Herbal Terminology

Lesson 8
Botany for Herbalism
Learn how herbalists use botany in their work.
Plant Identification

Lesson 9
Digestive System
Anatomy for the system.
Keeping your digestive system healthy.
Digestive System Lesson Materials
Herbs for Digestive System Issues
Digestive System Materia Medica

Lesson 10
Nervous System
Anatomy for the system.
Nervous System Lesson Materials
Herbs for Nervous System Issues
Nervous System Terms
Relax a stressed Nervous System
Nervous System Essential Oils
Simple Guide to Good Health
Nervous System Herbs
Three Doors to Illness

Lesson 11
Circulatory System
Anatomy for the system.
Herbs for the Circulatory System Issues
Wildcrafting Herbs
Circulatory System Herbal Supportive Resources
Botanical Terminology
Become a Tree Hugger

Lesson 12
Respiratory System
Anatomy for the system.
Types of Respiratory Herbs
Herbs for Respiratory System Issues
Allium Recipes for the Respiratory System
Respiratory System Supportive Materials
Client Intakes
The FDA Question

Lesson 13
Urinary Tract System
Anatomy for the system.
Urinary Tract System Lesson Materials 
Herbs for Urinary Tract Issues
Urinary Tract Supportive Resource 
Materia Medicas
Samples of Materia Medicas 
Printable Materia Medica Journal

Lesson 14
Women’s Health
Women’s Health Lesson Materials
Women’s Health Herbs for Common Health Issues- From the beginning or menstruation to menopause, we have women’s health issues covered. We also covered pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.
Pregnancy Tea

Lesson 15
Children’s Health
Children’s Health Lesson Materials- from common childhood issues to dealing with common childhood diseases.
Herbal Dosaging Resource

Lesson 16
Men’s Health
Men’s Health Lesson Materials- covering common and not so common men’s health issues.
Ailments of the Reproductive System
Male Specific problems
Sexual Dysfunction
Seaweeds for Health
7 Excellent Herbs for Men’s Health

Lesson 17
Muscular Skeletal System
Anatomy of the system.
Ailments of the Muscular System
Treatments for the Muscular System
Skeletal System
Ailments of the Skeletal System
Treatments for the Skeletal System
Muscular Skeletal System herbs for common issues.
Latin Names
Latin Name Pronunciation Guide

Lesson 18
Pet Care
Learn to use herbs to care for your pets.
Common Dog Ailments and Remedies
Doggie Biscuit Recipes
Cat Ailments and Remedies
Cat Treats
Flower Essences

Lesson 19
Skin Care
Anatomy of System
Herbal Skin Care
Skin Problems
Skin Remedies
Skin Care product Recipes
Herbal Remedies for common and not so common skin care issues.

Lesson 20

Review for Certification.

Enroll $595 or 3 payments of $216/ month

Enroll Today! Enroll Today – Payment Plan