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Explore the other aspects of Herbalism

Greenspirit intensive herbal training


This advanced herbal training program focuses on the blending of herbalism and spirituality. We cover the traditional Heart of Herbs Topics, Internal Spiritual Practices, Honoring the Earth, and Self Exploration.

This program involves explores plant spirit medicine, your beliefs, and herbalism. We want students to take a deeper step into education and learn about herbs in a new way that allows them to open themselves up to a higher education level.

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This program offers the student a variety of resources and guidance in:

  • Using and exploring herbs
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Practicing as an Herbalist
  • Living as one with the plants
  • Encountering your Archetype
  • Utilizing the Power of Your Bodily Changes
  • Using Creative Expression in Healing with Herbs
  • Learn about Spiritual Practices
  • Walking the Medicine Trail

 Included is the Heart of Herbs Master Clinical Herbal Program

This intensive herbal training asks you to look at herbalism in a deeper manner. This program is over 3500 pages long. The program includes advanced body systems, herbal articles, materia medicas, formulations, intake procedures, running a practice, herbal ethics, and so much more. This program is designed to take one from a beginner/intermediate herbalist to a one of Master standing. A Master standing is a term used to explain your advanced level of study.

This program is made specifically to model our advanced herbal apprenticeship model. Students will have in-depth studies, hands-on projects, and practical applications and work in the community. This program is updated regularly to keep the information up to date and in the current herbal models.

Certification requirements are the total completion of the course, book reports, intakes, and the final. We offer email and phone support to students.
Completion of the reading list. Students will have the option of choosing books from the booklist; the school will provide up to 5.
Complete access to Master Clinical Herbalist Certification.

GreenSpirit WiseCraft Booklet Online

This workbook takes you on a healing path inside yourself to assist in deepening your herbal and healing connections, you also learn about alternate modalities and expressive healing forms. The booklet includes a booklist for students to choose other texts to work from that are included in the course fee.

Students are sent

  • 2 Herbal Practices Books
  • 2 Books Dealing with Plant Spirit Medicine
  • Creativity Kit for students to explore.
  • The Booklet Involves over 20 Exercises for Students to Complete.
  • 2 Hours of Phone time with Demetria; more can be scheduled if needed.

Students who take this program are expected to live it. This is an intensive self-spiritual herbal program. It involves a variety of activities with the body and mind.
This program takes at Least a Year and involves journaling, artistic expression, and tapping into yourself.

If you are already a Heart of Herbs Herbal School Master Clinical Herbalist student and want to add this option, please email so we can send you a coupon to have this program as an add-on.