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About Us: How we support you.

One of the core reasons for our success has been the belief and support of each student. Our herbal students are all so individual, and each is offered one-on-one support and care. We at Heart of Herbs want to honor that and embrace that, and use that to ensure student success. Our students are homeschooling teens to grandmothers (even Demetria’s) in our classes; we are the school for you. At Heart of Herbs, we not only encourage individuality and diversity, but we also embrace it! With us, you will find support.  Want updates? Bonuses and Recipe? Get on our email list.

We have always been at the forefront of herbal education, serving over 125,000 students worldwide.

Students choose Heart of Herbs Herbal School for many reasons like:

  • Fully supported online education, you will find audio, video links, and other learning materials.
  • 24-7 online classroom access. Work when you have time.
  • A dynamic classroom with updated resources and bonuses.
  • At your own pace, education that supports your life.
  • We get you; we know you have a busy life and family, and we understand that you may need extra time or guidance.
  • Most importantly, direct access to your primary instructor (Demetria Clark).

We know you, as a student, have an active life. We want to support you; I want to encourage you on your journey.

At Heart of Herbs Herbal School, we seriously take business and career development. Our distance learning programs are popular worldwide in the medical field, with midwives, lay herbalists, and aromatherapists. Over 50% of our students open their own practice or business upon completing the course, and most of the rest already own a company that herbals work well with or have a complementary health practice.