Professional Consulting

Professional Consulting.

I offer professional consulting services for the following:

  • Herbal and aromatherapy businesses. This is a business review, website analysis, strategies for success, and helping you create a 7-figure company. This can include product marketing and creation. I have worked with over 200 companies in the last 20 years, some you see on your grocery store shelves or Instagram feed. Let my skill and success in the industry guide you on your next steps.
  • Custom product creation for businesses to add to their line of products, this is a private label service. Your company will own any recipe created for your company. I have worked with major corporations and small-scale companies.
  • Movies and television on herbalism and aromatherapy and associated topics. This can be the proper use of herbalism and aromatherapy, ethical practices, the culture around the business, etc. This can also include herbs used in supernatural storylines, medical shows, real herbal and aromatherapy information for accurate portrayals for your show.
  • Money Mindset consulting for herbal and aromatherapy businesses. Learn to upscale and pivot your company for success.

Please email with your consulting needs and we can schedule an introduction call.