Does Heart of Herbs Herbal School offer scholarships?

Yes, we do, but we are not able to offer full-tuition scholarships. We are unable to do this because we are committed to offering our staff sustainable incomes and support.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

Email us at In this email please list your statement of need, your plans and we will assess and reply to your email. This can take up to 48 hours. We try to approve as many students as we can.

How are the scholarships delivered?

We will email you a coupon code with a percentage off that we can offer you.

Who qualifies for a scholarship?

Individuals who have a financial need, a population underserved by the herbal community, veterans, and anyone who feels this will make herbal or aromatherapy education an option for you.

As a scholarship student, do I get the same support?
Absolutely! We want you to be your best and will support you in doing that.

Can I print or save course materials?
Yes, you can.

How long does certification take?
That is up to you. Our programs are at your own pace and schedule.

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