buying herbs

Buying Herbs

Always buy organically grown herbs. Herb growers are everywhere; you have to look around. Try to buy local herbs whenever possible.

Most large herb companies fumigate their plants because pests could wipe out their entire stock. Many companies also have begun to irradiate their herbs to kill pests, especially if they are coming from overseas. Herbs face importation issues just like produce does. Buying herbs from a distributor who uses overseas suppliers increases your chances of getting irradiated and fumigated products. While I understand the need to protect stock and follow laws governing imports, I purchase herbs locally because of these regulations. Many companies are trying to implore safer and more natural means of stock protection.

Make Good Choices

When we make choices that protect our environment, we also make choices that protect our bodies. Using chemically free herbs is as essential as eating chemically free foods, but not just for our health. When choosing organics, we promote sustainable farming and biodiversity, help reduce pollution, protect the soil and water, and make work safer for farmers and farm workers. Think how much better you will feel physically and emotionally when nourishing your body and your family with clean, honorably produced food.

Buy Local

Buying locally supports your neighbors and smaller farms. Shop for organic herbs at your farmer’s market; this is also a great place to get starter plants for your garden, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Get to know the people who grow them. When I buy garlic or Echinacea plants from the farmer down the road, I know I’m getting fresh and potent garlic and strong local Echinacea, which will do its job in my remedies.

Buying locally fosters community, directly makes a difference in your local economy and lessens your carbon footprint.

If you can’t buy locally, seek organic herbs and herbal products at natural-food stores—usually in the bulk section—or from specialty retailers—research your sources. Furthermore, you can always grow your own.

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