Aromatherapy Certification

Aromatherapy Certification: Become a Certified Aromatherapist

250 Hour NAHA Approved Program

Have you been dreaming about becoming a Certified Aromatherapist?

Do you want to use aromatherapy professionally?

Will an Aromatherapy Certification help advance your career?

For your family?

This Aromatherapy Certificate is the program for you!

Our Aromatherapy Certification is a 250+hour NAHA-approved professional-level certification. Self-Paced, the program starts as soon as you enroll.

This class offers over 1200 pages of course materials and resources.

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What will I learn? You will learn to use your aromatherapy certification in everyday life, and you will use aromatherapy in therapeutic applications and client care.  Upon enrollment, you will be embarking on professional education in a growing and developing profession. Becoming a Certified Aromatherapist is leads to a wonderful career.

How can I use my education? You can use your Aromatherapy Certification for professional practice, family health, and well-being or as an additional therapy you offer clients. We train doctors, nurses, massage therapists who also use it alongside their practices. Being a Certified Aromatherapist can be an excellent addition to your health and wellness practice.

Who is my teacher? Demetria Clark, the best-selling author, is your primary teacher. She is our Founder and Director and always has time for students. Join our student group and work with students from all over the world. Demetria does all student support, including on one interaction. Demetria has been teaching aromatherapy since 1998.

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Where else is this program recognized? I have taught students in colleges, midwifery schools, webinars, conferences, workshops, and professional groups worldwide. This program is NAHA-approved.

Enrollment? You can enroll at any time, and all students can work at their own pace and schedule and access all materials online 24/7. Our online classroom is full of excellent materials, resources, and lectures to make learning fun.

All students can have one on one support and access to the program director for assistance.

What will I learn? Read all about what this course offers below.  Want updates? Bonuses and Recipe? Get on our email list.

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Upon completion of your Aromatherapy Certification, you will be able to:

  • Discuss aromatherapy, its history, and development.
  • Identify and safely use over twenty essential oils and how to use them.
  • Evaluate the quality of essential oils and understand the principal production methods.
  • Aromatherapy skin and hair formulations, emotional and physical health formulations.
  • Describe the physiology of the sense of smell.
  • Give an overview of the limbic system, lymphatic system, immune system, skin, and absorption methods of essential oils.
  • Discuss how essential oils interact on physical and emotional levels.
  • Understanding the chemistry of essential oils.
  • Identify contraindications and safety issues.
  • Create blends and formulate for a specific ailment, physical and emotional issues.
  • Conduct a case study for family, friends, clients, and self-care.
  • Professional ethics and client care- aromatherapist ethics and standards of practice.
  • Learn to use your Aromatherapy Certification in professional practice.

Syllabus for Program

Certified Aromatherapy

Module 1
Lesson 1
Student Administrative Information.
Course Policies
Student Handbook

Lesson 2
Explore the diverse history of aromatherapy. Learn to determine the facts from the mythology.
How scent is used healing throughout the ages.
The use of scent and the later introduction of essential oils.

Lesson 3
What is Aromatherapy?
What are Essential Oils?
Distillation Methods and resources.
What are Carrier Oils?

Lesson 4
Benefits of Essential Oils

Lesson 5
Essential Oil Safety for Certified Aromatherapists
Essential Oil Safety in Pregnancy
Research and Studies
Studies Resources

Lesson 6
Essential Oil Terminology

Lesson 7
How to Use Essential Oils Like a Certified Aromatherapist
Essential Oil Usage Guide
Essential Oil Usage Guide- Emotional Issues
Essential Oil Usage Guide- Physical Issues

Module 2
Lesson 1
Chemistry for Aromatherapy- Learn about the roles different constituents play in practicing aromatherapy.
Chemistry- Aromatherapy Resources for Aromatherapy Certification

Module 3
Lesson 1

Botany for Aromatherapy
List of Essential Oils by Latin Name
Latin Name Pronunciation Guide

Module 4
Lesson 1

Aromatherapy Safety Guidelines
Essential Oil Safety
Adverse Reactions
Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Safety in Pregnancy
Essential Oil Profiles
Safety Studies- Resource

Lesson Module 5
Lesson 1

Anatomy and Physiology Lesson Materials
Anatomy for Aromatherapists
Anatomical Overview
Limbic System
Anatomy of Skin
Aromatherapy Terminology

Module 6
Lesson 1
Blending Essential Oils for Aromatherapy- learn how to safely blend for general uses and specific needs.
Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Blending and Dilution Chart
Essential Oil Quality- learn how to find quality essential oils for you and your client’s budgets.
Quality of Essential Oils- Resource for Aromatherapy Certification.
Essential Oil Profiles for Certified Aromatherapists
Common Tools for Aromatherapy

Module 7
Lesson 1

Client Care Lesson- Learn how to compassionately support clients with dignity and respect.
Ethics for Aromatherapy- learning to practice with a strong ethical backbone.
Aromatherapy Intakes- Learn how to begin your journey working with clients.
Supportive Resources
Business Tips

Module 8
Lesson 1

Recipes for Aromatherapy – Hundreds of Essential Oil Recipes, curated for use by Aromatherapists.
First Aid Information and Recipes

Lesson 2
Herbal and Aromatherapy Recipes for Stress
Resources for Aromatherapists
Course Glossary
Final Exam

Students throughout the course will complete question and answer assignments and hands-on work specific to course materials.

Upon registration, you will get admittance to your online classroom. Within, you will find your lesson materials, extensive lectures, resource, and other helpful materials to start you off on your path. All course materials are online, and students can print or save them all. Students have the option upon enrollment to purchase the textbooks.

Enroll $595 $327.25 or 3 payments of $216 118.80/ month with coupon code FALL2021

Enroll Today! Enroll Today – Payment Plan

We are looking forward to sharing with you the gifts of aromatherapy.

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Heart of Herbs Herbal School is so supportive and a great environment to learn and grow in. I got educational and business support!

Amanda G. 2021

I am so glad I chose Heart of Herbs Herbal School. Demetria is phenomenal, supportive and this is the best education I have received so far.

Eddy B. 2021