FAQs for Heart of Herbs Herbal School Students

Heart of Herbs FAQ’s

Heart Of Herbs Herbal SchoolPlease read all of the FAQ’s before ordering the course. We really want you to understand what you are committing too.

Heart of Herbs Program FAQ’s

Question: What are the schools’ office hours?

We receive student inquiry calls and call students back on Tuesday and Thursday, 10-4 pm EST. We often take calls through the week and answer where we are. Often Demetria will answer on her private line, so expect a “Hello” Demetria does this so she can do some work from home and spend time with her children, or she is presenting at a conference or event. We get calls literally at all hours. If it is outside of office hours I will answer when I can. If I answer it means I can talk, otherwise I won’t so don’t worry. Please do not call to discuss your health issues, this is for enrollments, not a health consult.

Question: Do you offer a certification?

Yes we do, only upon full completion of the course. Please know that if you do not pass you do not get certified, if you do not complete the work, you are not certified. Do not ask for special recognition of other work, these are specific programs and we require complete of all of our work. In United States herbal and aromatherapy education and certification is school specific. No national standard or accreditation exists. Our programs have been taught to corporations, in colleges and universities and hospitals.

Question: Why is your course better than another?

Our courses are good because we have put a lot of thought into them. I will not though directly compare our program to another. I will say our programs do not have 2 inch margins, lots of half blank pages, one sided course books. We send you a course full of quality information, with pictures of the herbs, extensive articles, writings and educational text. We also offer page wise one of the most information packed programs available. Our programs are extensive and offer more for the money, so to speak. Additionally we now offer a completely online learning experience that is interactive and multimedia. All enrolled students can also use the online classroom that has additional and supplemental education and resources for students. In addition we believe that a good herbalist is educated from multiple sources, so we would never put down or compare ourselves to another herbal or aromatherapy program that is unethical and unprofessional. We do not compare ourselves to other programs, or comment on them.
Our programs are often updated and we try to have a major connection to all of our students.  Want updates? Bonuses and Recipe? Get on our email list.

Question: Do you offer transcripts?

Yes, we can send transcripts to whomever you request. We are not accredited but our students have received credit for their classes from a variety of colleges through a portfolio process or independent study. Transcript fees are $10.00 per school

Question: Do you offer student referrals?

Yes. We also have written college recommendations, employment referrals and employment recommendations.

Question: What does an herbalist do for work, how do I make money as an herbalist?

Depending on what type of herbalism or aromatherapy you decide to practice you can do any of the following. Making money as an herbalist or aromatherapist is entirely up to you, you need to have a good work ethic and developing business skills and a belief in yourself. No program will make you successful or not, that is inside of you.

Some of the jobs our students have taken after finishing.

  • Herbal toiletries – soaps, oils, bath salts, shampoos
  • Clinical Herbalist/ Practicing Herbalist
  • Run an Apothecary
  • Lead Botanical Adventures
  • Cook for Herbal Associations
  • Botanical Medicine Maker
  • Own an Herb Farm
  • Facilitate herbal trips, adventures, getaways
  • Salesperson in herbal operation
  • Health and Beauty at a health food store or food cooperative
  • Run an Herbal Business
  • Work in ways to assist herbalist with technological issues, web sites, etc..
  • Farm
  • Wildflower grower

These are just a few avenues you can venture down but with a little imagination I am sure you can come up with dozens more. Many of my students incorporate their practice into their present life, Baker, Innkeepers, Coffee House Owner, Farmers, etc.. Continue reading the FAQs section to learn more about what we offer students.

Question: Does your Program fill the American Herbalists Guild Requirements or NAHA?

Yes, a lot of them, but the AHG requires more than one course if you read the experience and requirements necessary to qualify. The AHG also requires time and hands on experience. The AHG professional requirements ask for extensive materia medicas (which we give you a firm grasp of and start you with a good percentage of the AHG required ones), anatomy, case studies, and practitioner experience. We offer you venues for all of this but it depends on the student also. To fulfill their requirements you have to be willing to do the work also. I believe the point of the AHG requirements to insure a solid and diverse education. You can with our program apply for student membership with the AHG upon enrollment. We are a recognized AHG education provider.
Yes, our students can receive recognition from NAHA- the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. We encourage students to join both organizations as students and reap the benefits they offer.

Question: What about Aromatherapy recognition?

Students can apply to take the ARC exam, this is the Aromatherapy Registration Council. All of our Aromatherapy Certifications are recognized by the NAHA, National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy.

Question: Are there any added fees for calls to teacher, homework grading, testing, etc?

No, all of the fees are clearly marked out. The course price is all inclusive. Except for the transcript and certificate fee. Students can for free get a digital copy of the certificate. We found most of our students wanted a digital certificate to include in resumes, etc.. This is the same for transcripts, a free copy can be sent digitally. Demetria does not offer personal health advice or consult with students.

Question: Do I have to take a level one course before a level two?

No, all programs are complete, so the Master Herbal Program is complete from beginning to end. The courses are made to offer complete education for the students. This is the same for the Aromatherapy programs.

Question: Is there a timeline?

No. I ask that student’s finish the courses in 1-4 years depending on the program but if the student cannot they can ask for an extension. I realize life happens and I want you to be able to complete the program once you have bought it. I also want students to be able to integrate these practices into their lives. If your enrollment becomes inactive, 1 year of inactivity, students will have to pay a reactivation fee. Contact Demetria for the fee amount.

Question: Who are your students?

Our students are doctors, nurses, mothers, massage therapists, doulas, midwives, bankers, clergy, missionaries, and basically anyone who wants to learn about herbs or aromatherapy. We have trained people from all walks of life and consider ourselves and inclusive education provider.

Question: Can I get a referral from another student?

Yes, email me and I will send you one. We also have student testimonials on the website you can read.

Question: Do you offer discounts to returning students?

Yes we do. Contact Demetria@demetria.com for more information on this process.

Question: Do you offer refunds?

No we do not. All sales are final. We have in the past dealt with people wanting refunds a year later, because they changed their mind, decided 6 months later they wanted the money for something else. This class is final, you either make the commitment or not, we are an educational institution, not a dream factory, you have to make a commitment to be a part of our programs. The class prices are the best available and in order to maintain these types of prices we cannot be responsible for someone not reading the course description or mismanaging their budget. The second you enroll we get to work. This is a professional education program and it requires a professional level of commitment. We start working for you as soon as you enroll and are available for you. We offer one of the best priced professional programs in the industry to promote sustainable education for all students.

Question: Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, every course page have different payment options.

Question: Why are your classes so cost effective?

We choose to charge less because I understand how costly herbal and aromatherapy education can be and when I set up the school I had a different mission statement and idea about cost effective education. We have a sustainability mission and for over twenty years we have been offering our courses to try to serve the most students. Also because most of our students have families I feel as though the program should offer itself for less because the world wants enough money from us already. We have had many students study elsewhere and come to us to complete their education, so price isn’t always a quality issue. As stated in other parts of FAQs we have implemented tools to keep costs low for our students.

Question: Why do I need this course?

We felt that we really owed the “public” to economically and easily find a way to study herbs and aromatherapy. We use them for our children, spouses and ourselves, so we should be able to learn about them. We should have knowledge and power over our bodies and health. If you are a parent you will find use in these courses, as will preppers, survivalists, midwives, world travelers, etc..

Question: Who is this course good for?

  •  These course are good for parents who want to empower themselves when treating their children and themselves. Finding cost effective natural child rearing solutions.
  • These course are good for anyone who wants to have natural healing skills for themselves, families and friends.
  • Anyone who wants to be educated and empowered. I have taught EMT’s, Nurses, Doctors, Neurologists and Midwives, along with Mothers, Menopausal Women and Professional Aromatherapist. This program is great on so many levels.
  • These courses are excellent for students who want to run their own business, create a practice, work in a group practice or work for an herbal or aromatherapy company. Some of our students now run 6 and 7 figure companies.

Question: Are you certified?

Western herbalism is not recognized in the US as a licensed profession. An herbalist can have affiliations with American Herbalist Guild, I can offer enrollment information for them if you decide to join as a student member. In the US you can receive certification from anyone who chooses to get it, so make sure you research your teacher and their education. Ask Questions. I hold multiple degrees, educational certificates and will continue to education myself as I hope you all will do.
If you are studying Aromatherapy our programs are recognized by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA)

Question: How can I order the program and how can I pay?

You can order on the order page and you can pay using a money order, or credit card using our secure server, through paypal. You do not have to have a paypal account to place an order. It is then processed securely like any other credit card.

 FAQ for Western Herbalism

Question: What is Western Herbalism?

The term Western Herbalism is used to describe the use of vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts for the prevention and cure of illness as it is practiced in Europe and North America. Medicinal herb use has seen a great increase in recent years as a practical alternative to chemical and synthetic medications.

Question: How does Western Herbalism work?

Herbal formulations work in a subtle manner that is harmonious and synergistic with the body’s healing processes. The body’s natural defenses are strengthened, allowing it to heal itself. These remedies don’t just alleviate the symptoms of illness, but actually work towards fixing the underlying cause of the problem.

Question: What conditions respond well to herbal treatments?

Many illnesses can benefit from Western Herbalism.

  • These course are good for parents who want to empower themselves when treating their children and themselves. Finding cost effective natural child rearing solutions.
  • These course are good for anyone who wants to have natural healing skills for themselves, families and friends.
  • Anyone who wants to be educated and empowered. I have taught EMT’s, Nurses, Doctors, Neurologists and Midwives, along with Mothers, Menopausal Women and Professional Aromatherapist. This program is great on so many levels.

Question: Is Herbalism safe for children?

Children can use herbal remedies. Be sure to consult a professional practitioner before administering herbs to small children. Children are more likely to respond to responsible herb use. Our director Demetria Clark actually wrote the book on it.

Question: Can pets benefit from herbal medicine?

Yes, however, herbal therapy should be administered and monitored by your pets veterinarian or an herbalist who specializes in animal care. Pets are more sensitive that people so we need to be aware and cautious when treating pets.

Question: Is Western Herbalism FDA-approved?

Yes. Because most herbal remedies were classified as foods by the Food and Drug Administration, no health claims could be made on the outside of the container. However, in 1994, the Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act (DSHEA) made it possible to leave the actions of the product on the label. There are also a few organizations within the herbal industry that have put uniform principles in place for the cultivation, manufacturing, shipping and handling of herbal products.

Question: When can I expect to see results from my Western Herbal treatments?

Since they work by supporting the immune system rather than covering up symptoms, it may seem as though herbal remedies are slow to act. Herbal healing works from the inside out, so we need to be patient think of this as life- time remedy, not an allopathic band-aid.

Question: Are there any precautions I should take while using herbs

Although herbal remedies are made from natural components, caution and common sense should be exercised when using these products. Certain people may experience an allergic reaction to a particular therapy. Use of this remedy should be discontinued and a doctor should be consulted. Do not exceed the recommended dosage as an adverse reaction may result. Herbal remedies should be treated as seriously as any other medication.

Question: Can I take herbs with prescription and over-the-counter medications?

Most herbs can be used as a supplement or tonic to another treatment program, including those where other medications are present. Occasionally, an herb may be most effective when used as the primary alternative to a specific drug rather than a supplement. Always consult your healthcare provider. Herbs are medicinal and healing and they should be treated as such.

Question: Is a professional Herbalist always necessary?

Although it is always a good idea to contact a professional practitioner who specializes in Western Herbalism, there are other ways to benefit from this health care alternative. Products and information about herbalism are abundant in grocery stores, drug stores, health food stores and on the Internet.

Question: How can I find a professional Western Herbal practitioner in the United States?

Ask your local food co-op or health food store for Herbal resources. The Internet is an excellent source for herbalists in your area. Herb shops can also help you find an herbalist.

Question: How can I learn more about Western Herbalism?

Your local library or favorite bookstore should have several books on the subject. You can also check the Internet, a pharmacy or take a course on the subject. Remember to properly educate yourself before mixing herbs and other treatments.