Why choose an Aromatherapist over an MLM

Why choose an Aromatherapist over an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) distributor by Erica Mason

The usage of essential oils is more popular today than it has ever been. You can buy essential oils online, in the grocery store, and most likely even from one of your friends or neighbors. With a number of MLM essential oils popping up, there are people everywhere claiming to be essential oil experts. They claim that their company is the only company selling the purest essential oils and therefore; any other essential oil is inferior.

You can find any number of people offering essential oil advice on social media sites and blogs that have not had any formal training in essential oils. To say the least, this is very concerning to me.

Two of the main issues I have with MLM essential oil distributors are regarding the safe use of essential oils specifically:  the lack of education regarding ingesting essential oil and the misinformation regarding allergic reactions to essential oils.

Why choose an Aromatherapist over an MLM


Two of the leading Aromatherapy organizations have statements regarding the internal ingestion of essential oils.

The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy –

“Do not use essential oils internally unless properly trained in the safety issues of doing so.”[i]

The International Federation of Aromatherapists Code of Ethics states –

“No Aromatherapist shall use essential oils for internal ingestion or internal application nor shall any Aromatherapist advocate or promote such use of essential oils unless the practicing Aromatherapist has medical, naturopathic, herbalist, or similar qualifications and holds an insurance policy which specifically covers the internal application of essential oils. (IFA code of ethics. Simply Essential, No. 11 December 1993).”

While one condones the use of internal use of essential oils and the other one condemns the use of essential oils both discourage the internal use of essential oils unless you have been properly trained.


Some of the MLMs essential oil companies are telling their sales representatives that you cannot be allergic to essential oils. They are also taught that  if you have a reaction from applying undiluted oils, such as; a burning sensation on the skin, skin rashes, nausea, headaches, and tiredness, you are not having an allergic reaction, but your body is actually detoxing.

David Stewart, Ph.D., from Young Living states that “Allergens are almost always composed of proteins or polypeptides, which are relatively large molecules. There are no proteins or polypeptides in essential oils. In fact, nitrogen containing compounds are virtually non-existent in essential oils except in occasional trace amounts.  Allergens are composed of large molecules. There are no large molecules in volatile or aromatic oils; otherwise they would be neither volatile nor aromatic. Therapeutic grade essential oils are detoxifying to the body, which is a good thing. When the detoxification takes place at a rate greater than can be eliminated through our kidneys, colon, and respiration, then allergy –like symptoms can occur.” [ii]

After hours of searching the internet for an article written by a doctor or scientist to confirm or deny these statements, I decided to reach out to some allergists to find out what they thought regarding these statements.  The following is a sample of the letter I sent them:

“There are a number of people in the area selling Essential Oils going around claiming that a person cannot have an allergic reaction or sensitivity to Essential Oils if they are pure Essential Oils, is this true? I have tried to research this online but cannot find anything that is not related to this company. Here is a link to the paper from the company from which their distributers get their information http://www.tiptopwebsite.com/premium-pdf/susanpelechaty37.pdf . If you don’t want to open the link if you just google just type in allergic to Essential Oils information from dozens of the companies sellers blogs will show up.

I am asking because I have had a reaction to a couple of the oils (headache, itchy skin, rash) all that cleared up with an antihistamine, but the reps said that it wasn’t an allergic reaction but my body detoxing because I needed something that was in the oil. I am also writing a paper for a class I am taking and would like to be able to quote an Allergist’s opinion on this topic.”

I received responses from four doctors all saying about the same thing. Here are two that gave permission for me to share their response.

“I do not believe there is any mechanism by which anything placed on the skin would cause “toxins” to be drawn out.  That just is not possible from a scientific standpoint.  What you had was most likely an allergic reaction. There is no such thing as an absolute in medicine and saying that it is not possible to be allergic to something on your skin is just not true.”  Dr. Robert Sikora – Allergist/Immunologist at Virginia Center for Allergy and Asthma

“You can definitely have an allergic reaction to essential oils. Patients who are ragweed allergic can also be sensitive to composite mix which includes about 20,000 species of flowers, herbs, weeds and vegetables. These include chamomile, chrysanthemum, marigold, etc. The allergic reaction can include the skin, eyes, lungs, nose and sinuses. Also we have seen headaches including migraines due to essential oils. Hope this is helpful.”   Dr. Lisa Hutto – Allergist/Immunologist/ IM at Palmetto Allergy and Asthma

These are just two of the issues I have with MLM companies. Please note that I am not saying anything about the quality of the oils from MLM companies. My main concern is the lack of education provided.

If you are an MLM distributor or someone just interested in learning more about essential oils, I ask that you please do your own research before buying into everything these companies are telling you.  Look at whom you are getting your information from; what is their education; who are they associated with; where are they getting their information from and how old is that information. These are just a few things to look at when you are educating yourself regarding essential oils or anything else in life.


My name is Erica Mason. I am 38 years old married to my soulmate and am a mother of two wonderful children, a girl and a boy. I have my Masters  in Christian Education.  I started working in Healthcare industry when I was 18 as a secretary for a Rehab Hospital and work in a number of positions such as Admissions Coordinator, Liaison, Administrative Assistant, and Case Manager over a period of 15 years. I also have worked as a Youth/Children’s Pastor.

I have always been interested in Natural Healing. It seems to me that God would not just allow sickness into the world without a way to help us deal with it through his creation. I have my certification in Aromatherapy and am currently taking a Master of Aromatherapy course.


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