Clinical Aromatherapy Certification Program- NAHA Approved

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Clinical Aromatherapy Certificate

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Become a Clinical Aromatherapist!

Ready to use aromatherapy in your health or wellness practice?

Ready to run a Clinical Aromatherapy Practice or Business?

The Clinical Aromatherapy Certification is for you. This certificate course assists students in advancing their expertise and the use of aromatherapy. Graduates use their knowledge with their health practices, businesses or to become aromatherapy business owners or entrepreneurs. Many students who graduate from this program have a clinical practice, a business, or combine aromatherapy into a business or medical practice.

Clinical Aromatherapy Certification (850 hours) program is an extensive and advanced clinical aromatherapy training and certification. This program exceeds the NAHA’s Level II requirements (Approved), and IAM students can apply to take the ARC exam. When you embark upon your education, you will be working on a professional course in training and development.

Your studies will ready you for the business, ethics, and practice of being an aromatherapist at an advanced standing. Students who complete this clinical aromatherapy program use it to becoming practicing aromatherapists. Professionals also use aromatherapy as an adjunct therapy in their practices and their work as other healing modalities.
Students learn about aroma chemistry, botany, over 60 essential oils in detail. Students learn how to formulate health and beauty applications. The program also teaches aromatherapy for over 200 health issues. Learn how to blend formulations and work on a professional and clinical level — serving students since 2001.

Upon enrollment, you will get access to over 1760 pages of course content, lectures, and supportive educational materials. You can work at your own pace and schedule. You can save all course materials and have access to our student-only discussion group.

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Our students also get discounts to Mountain Rose Herbs, Foster Farm Botanicals, and Labaroma as a bonus for them.

All students can work at their own pace and schedule. We know you have busy lives and want to support you in having the balance you need to complete your Clinical Aromatherapy goals. Learn more about what you can do with your education.

You will learn:

  • Safety and Contraindications in Aromatherapy
  • Proper Usage and Applications
  • Dilution Ratios and Formulations
  • Methods of Extraction and Distillation
  • Health and Vitality
  • Professional formulating and blending
  • Aromatherapy Applications for Health Issues
  • Anatomy and Physiology, the systems of the body
  • Botany for Aromatherapy
  • Stress relief, reduction, and mental health aspects of aromatherapy
  • Communication
  • Ethics and Ethical Practice
  • Clinical Intakes and Client Care
  • Professional Development and Access to Continuing Education
  • Business skills and development, client attraction, working with the media, and so much more…

Students do not have to have the Aromatherapy Certification to take the Master Clinical Aromatherapy program. These are independent programs.

Students complete client intakes, essential oil profiles, formulation assignments, and the final exam for certification. The course includes lots of fun projects and formulation recipes. Students complete fun and useful projects to learn professional blending and clinical formulation skills.

Master Clinical Aromatherapy training program students can anticipate exciting and rewarding career opportunities, such as:
  • Aromatherapist
  • Registered Aromatherapist
  • Master Aromatherapist
  • Consulting Aromatherapist
  • Aromatherapy Skin Care and Product Manufacturer
  • Retail Aromatherapy Expert
  • Aromatherapy Educator, Author, Speaker
  • Perfumer
  • Master Formulator
  • Corporate Aromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy Educator
  • Aromatherapy Author

Enroll $1,275 or 6 payments of $229/ month

Enroll Today! Enroll Today – Payment Plan

Program Syllabus

Module 1
Lesson 1
Introduction to the course.
Student Handbook
Enrollment Policies
Suggested Readings
Course Requirements
Career Information
Supply List
Student Groups

Module 2
Lesson 1
The History of Aromatherapy

Module 3
Lesson 1
What is Aromatherapy?
Benefits of Aromatherapy
Essential Oil- Physical Uses
Essential Oil- Emotional Uses
Common Tools for Aromatherapy

Module 3
Lesson 2
What are Essential Oils?
Using Essential Oils
Blending Essential Oils
Essential Oil Notes
Essential Oil Storage
Shelf Lives Of Essential Oils
Purchasing Essential Oils
Essential Oil Profiles
Distillation Processes

Module 3
Lesson 3
What are Carrier Oils?
Carrier Oil Profiles
Infused Oils
Vegetable Oil Saturation
Resources for Carrier Oils

Module 4
Lesson 1
Botany, Taxonomy, and Chemistry
Botany and Taxonomy
Botany for Aromatherapy
Plant Naming
Latin Names
Latin Name Pronunciation Guide
Chemistry Overview
The Chemistry of Essential Oils
Chemistry for Aromatherapists
Chemical Constituents in Plants
Essential Oil Quality

Module 5
Lesson 1
Essential Oil Safety, Quality and Testing
Essential Oil Safety
Essential Oil Safety for Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum
Safety Chart
Essential Oils To Avoid In Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum
Adverse Reactions
What is an Adverse Reactions to Essential Oils?
Essential Oil Quality
Testing for Purity and Quality
Gas Chromotographs
Gas Chromatography Analysis with Olfactometric Detection
Studies and Research
Aromatherapy Terminology
The FDA Question
Profile Sheets

Module 6
Lesson 1
Types of Aromatherapists
Aromatherapy Terms
Common Aromatherapy Tools
More Aromatherapy Tools
How to Read a Scientific Research Paper

Module 7
Lesson 1
Anatomy for Aromatherapists- Overview
Offering Specialized Sections for Aromatherapy.
Anatomy of Our Skin
Skeletal and Muscular System
Olfactory System
Aromatherapy for Pregnancy Birth and Postpartum
Reproductive Toxicology
Pregnancy Overview

Module 8
Lesson 1
Aromatherapy and the Subtle Body
Chakras and Essential Oils
Emotional and Metaphysical Use of Aromas
Vedic Aromatherapy
Essential Oil Profiles
Conversion and Dilution Chart
Essential Oils for Sleep
First Aid

Module 9
Lesson 1
Starting your Aromatherapy Practice
Beginning Your Practice Intakes
Practice Skills
Practice Tips
Massive Mistakes
Getting Out There
Aromatherapy Ethics Statement
NAHA Code of Ethics
Aroma Assault- Ethics
Medical Aromatherapy Articles

Module 10
Lesson 1
Aromatherapy Formulations
Aromatherapy Formulation Guide
Formulation Types
Cleaning Surfaces
eBook Bonus

Module 11
Lesson 1
Business and You!
Client Attraction
Who are you?
Ideal Clients
Walk a Mile
Dreams and Goals
Making Ideas Happen
10 Reasons You Are Not Getting Hired
Business Displays
What is in a Name?
Take a Look Around
Picking a Name
Naming Activity
Getting Out There
Marketing Your Practice
Network Like a Pro
What I do best, saying No!
Business Planning Resources

Module 12

Enroll $1,275 or 6 payments of $229/ month

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