Want to Become an Herbalist?

Are you considering a career as an herbalist? Being an herbalist is the greatest job in the world. Where do you see yourself?

Imagine yourself enveloped by a lovely garden of herbs, harvesting leaves and flowers to use later. Or perhaps you see yourself in the kitchen, creating various seasonal herbal preparations.

Maybe you can see yourself selling your natural products to the public at farmers’ markets, in a shop, fairs, or natural expos.

Additionally, you may aspire to be a presenter or lecturer, sharing what you know with your community or nationally at a conference or expo.

Lastly, picture yourself in your home or office, helping clients with their problems using herbal remedies and other holistic approaches. Though becoming an herbalist is exciting, knowing what you’ll be getting into beforehand is essential.

 We know some students work corporate jobs or work balancing a baby on their knee, but our at-your-own-pace approach allows you to work when it works for you. However you decide to work, we are here for you. We know that the world can be a complicated place, but your herbal education doesn’t need to be.

At the Heart of Herbs Herbal School, we support you in making your herbal dreams a reality. While each of our dreams may look different, we should know certain things about what it takes to be an herbalist. Herbalism can be a lifetime dream come true or your next career. Our programs can help you achieve your goals, make a difference in your community, or create a business your family can grow with.

Becoming an herbalist can be fulfilling; you can connect with clients, make a difference, and guide people to achieve optimal health.

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Becoming an herbalist can be fulfilling; you can connect with clients, make a difference, and guide people to achieve optimal health.


Jobs for Herbalists

Herbalists can pursue various career paths that allow them to apply their knowledge of plants and holistic health practices. Here are some potential job opportunities for herbalists:

Clinical Herbalist

 Clinical herbalists work directly with clients to assess their health concerns and create personalized herbal treatment plans. They may operate their private practice or work alongside other healthcare practitioners in clinics or wellness centers.

Product Development Specialist

Herbalists with a background in formulation and product development can work in the herbal products industry. They may create herbal supplements, skin care products, herbal teas, or other botanical preparations for companies specializing in natural health and wellness.


Herbalists can share their knowledge and expertise by teaching classes, workshops, or courses on herbalism. Additionally, it can  involve teaching at herbal schools, community colleges, botanical gardens or offering online courses and webinars.

Herbal Product Sales and Retail

 Herbalists may choose to work in retail settings, such as health food stores, herbal apothecaries, or botanical shops, where they can guide customers on selecting and using herbal products.

Herbal Farmer/Grower

Some herbalists specialize in cultivating medicinal herbs for commercial use. They may own or manage herb farms, growing and harvesting plants for sale to herbal product manufacturers, herbalists, and other customers.

Herbal Consultant

Herbal consultants advise individuals, businesses, or organizations interested in incorporating herbal remedies into their health and wellness practices. Moreover, this could involve conducting herbal consultations, developing wellness programs, or advising on herbal garden design.


Herbalists passionate about research and writing can pursue careers in herbal publishing, journalism, or scientific research. They may write articles, books, or research papers on herbal medicine, plant pharmacology, or related topics.

Wildcrafting Guide

Herbalists with expertise in wildcrafting – ethically harvesting wild plants for medicinal or culinary use – may lead guided herb walks, foraging workshops, or nature-based retreats.

Furthermore, these are just a few examples of the diverse career opportunities available to herbalists. Depending on their interests, skills, and background, herbalists can find rewarding work in various sectors of the herbal industry and holistic healthcare.

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