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Have you always wanted to go to herbal school or study aromatherapy as a career?  Become a Certified Herbalist or Aromatherapist? Now is your time.  Let Heart of Herbs Herbal School support and mentor you on your journey. Transform your life and career.

Heart of Herbs Herbal Certifications

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Join our mission and change the world.

At Heart of Herbs Herbal School, our mission is to teach the science and art of plant medicine. We believe and support students working to find their connection to nature, natural health, and wellness and supporting their communities. We collaborate with some of the finest herbalists in the country to offer students different traditions and paths to herbalism, aromatherapy, and wellness.

In addition, to an outstanding education, we are also committed to protecting nature, fostering community, and supporting our diverse student body.

Clinical Herbalist Certification

Become a Clinical Herbalist, learn to run an herbal company, and clinical practice, and become a master formulator.  Exceeds AHG Educational Hours.

Have you always wanted to have a thriving and vibrant herbal career? Do you see yourself supporting clients, having a clinical practice, having an apothecary, or herbal product line? We will take you from the basics to a clinical herbalist level of education. Moreover, we want you to become a knowledgeable, supportive, and empowered herbalist supporting your community.

Become a Professional Clinical Herbalist Today! Click to Learn More.


Certified Herbalist Certification

Become a Certified Herbalist and work to improve the health and wellbeing of your client, friends, and family. This course is best suited for someone who isn’t interested in a larger-scale business or practice. Students will learn how to use herbs, formulate herbal medicine and support their community. Click to learn more.

Herbal Business Course

Want to be an Herbal Entrepreneur? Do you want to run an apothecary, clinical practice, retail store, or products-based company? This program is the program for you. Enroll now and be ready to open your herbal-based business.

Skincare for Business- Herbal and Aromatherapy Skincare for Business

Learn how to run a dynamic and thriving herbal and aromatherapy skincare company. The program has tons of recipes, and teaches you how to formulate and prepare natural botanical skincare products.

Become a Professional Botanical Skin Care Formulator and run your own herbal and aromatherapy skin care company. Click to learn more.


Introduction to Herbalism Course

Want to explore herbalism? Not sure if you want to know about herbs for your health or if you want herbalism as a career? This is the class for you. Click to learn more.

Children's Herbal Health Course

Learn to support the health and well-being of the children in your life. Click to learn more.

The Children’s Herbal Course is full of ideas, recipes, and know-how to help you keep your children healthy. We even have coloring pages in the coursework, so you can work together with your children. Furthermore, you get to learn from the author of Herbal Healing for Children.

Clinical Aromatherapist Certification

Work as a Clinical Aromatherapist. This NAHA-approved program (850 hours) brings your skill level to new highs. We created the program for healthcare professionals, wellness practitioners, health coaches,  nutritionists, herbalists, and anyone desiring to be empowered to work in their community as a health and wellness practitioner. This course has the clinical needs of practitioners in mind. Click to learn more.

Certified Aromatherapist

Become a Certified Aromatherapist. You will learn the many aspects of aromatherapy and how to support your family and community. Learn to support your community with this NAHA-approved program for 250 hours. Click to learn more.

Flower Essence Practitioner Certification

Learn how to use Flower Essences for health and mental wellness. This certification program teaches students how to use Flower Essences to help clients achieve their wellness goals. Become a Flower Essence Practitioner today. Click to learn more.

Phytotherapy Diploma

Become a Phytotherapist. Learn to work with medicinal herbs, essential oils, flower essences, etc.

Phytotherapy is a science-based practice. It uses and explores all types of plant medicine. It is recognized from other, more traditional approaches, such as medical herbalism, which relies on a practical understanding of medicinal herbs and is often linked to traditional expertise. This is an advanced program offering supplies and additional program enrollments. In addition, this program includes enrollment into all of our clinical programs. Click to learn more.

Introduction to Ayurveda

Become an Ayurvedic Herbalist. Study Ayurveda. This program is an excellent program for students or practitioners wanting to incorporate Ayurveda into their client care practice. This will give you a whole other set of herbal skills. Click to learn more.


GreenSpirit Herbal WiseCraft Certification Program

This advanced herbal training program focuses on the blending of herbalism and spirituality. We cover the traditional Heart of Herbs Topics, Internal Spiritual Practices, Honoring the Earth, and Self Exploration.

This program involves exploring plant spirit medicine, your beliefs, and herbalism. We want students to take a deeper step into education and learn about herbs in a new way that allows them to open themselves up to a higher education level. Click to learn more.

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Are you ready to become a Certified Herbalist or Aromatherapist?

Are you ready to fill your life with delicious herbal and aromatherapy formulations? Want to grow your expertise in how plants can nourish, heal, fortify, and support? Join us now for a journey that will become a passion for life.

Ready to Run a Business

Ready to run a business? Open an Apothecary or Tea Shop, have a Clinical Practice? Teach classes? Write herbal or aromatherapy articles? Your career awaits with Heart of Herbs Herbal School.

Demetria Clark created our top-ranked herbal and aromatherapy courses. Our online, self-paced courses include a massive collection of recipes, student text, lectures, support, and more, plus access to our student-only community, fun contests, bonuses, etc. We have mentored over 125,000 students since 1998; we would love to work with you.


Learn by Doing. Work with mentored support.

We have classrooms with resources to help you succeed.

In our classrooms, you will find color PDFs, Audio, Video, and other types of learning and instructional presentations.  You will also learn to formulate herbal and aromatherapy applications for health, body, and skincare uses.

In essence, students can work at their own pace and schedule so they can fit their education around their lives. No required lectures to attend, lots of bonuses added throughout the year, and 1-on-1 mentoring available.

Build your portfolio, develop product lines, support clients.

We have been teaching business development in our courses and mentoring students since 1998.

As one of the first herbal businesses online in 1996, Demetria Clark can share a thing or two with students about achieving online success. We have been supporting students online since 1998, let us mentor and guide you on your business ventures.

Demetria also offers business and money mindset coaching to help students achieve their goals.

Check out what our graduates have to say. We have wonderful student testimonials.

Clinical Herbalist

Achieve your goals.

Let us help you achieve your goals and assist you in taking the next step.

We work with students to help them to achieve their goals, start a business or clinical practice. Most of our students become herbal or aromatherapy professionals. Thousands of Heart of Herbs Students can be found working around the world.

Many of our students work for major herbal companies, as professional tea blenders, run 6-figure herbal businesses, written books and so much more. Come and join this inspired student body.
We also have a school store where you can purchase great Heart of Herbs Herbal School Gear!

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Great Time!

I had a really great time with this class. I plan to work through it a second time and once I have completed it again, I will start to work it into my practice. The amount of knowledge I received from this class is invaluable.
I enjoyed everything about this class, I liked the layout, really liked the recorded lectures, Demetria has such a calming voice . I like how the program was set up not to fail you but to keep you going and working hard.

Nichol- 2019

Thank you for the support!

Life has definitely thrown me a few challenges after I made the decision to take this course. It has been a lifelong dream of mine. But babies and a family came first. So like most I waited until later in life to complete it. But I’m so happy did. the online option worked so amazingly in my favor and life. And the lesson materials being at my fingertips!!!! Thank you for your support during this and this course.

Bonnie- 2021

So Happy!

I’ve completed the Certified Herbalist course and am happy with what I’ve learned. The course required a variety of different methods of learning including books, hands-on creation of different applications, and a broad curriculum of modalities. I loved that most of the course was based on the sciences, but there was ample room for the introduction to the metaphysical and magical aspects of plant work. An added bonus is the online discussion group for research and feedback and the quick response to questions and homework assignments. Well worth the time and money!

Tamara- 2020

What I loved…

What I loved most about this course is how it pushed me out of my comfort zone. After every lesson, I felt my confidence-boosting and I am very thanking you for being pointed down the right path because herbalism is the path and it has been amazing to start my journey.
I am so excited that I reached the finish line and to move on with my studies. Heart of Herbs has truly been a great experience! Thank you!!

Taryn- 2020